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England 'overtakes' Holland as most densely populated EU land

Thursday 26 August 2010

England has overtaken the Netherlands to become the most densely populated country in the EU, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

By next year, officials told the paper, England will have 402.1 people for every square kilometre, overtaking the figure of 398.5 in the Netherlands and 355.2 in Belgium.

The figures come from the British parliament's library and are based on calculations by Britain's office for national statistics and the EU's Eurostat.

However, the library's figures for Holland differ from those used by Eurostat because they take into account the whole country, including inland lakes such as the IJsselmeer and Zuiderzee.

According to the most recent Eurostat figures on population density, which date from 2007, the Netherlands has 485 people per square kilometre. Eurostat does not give separate figures for England.

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Readers' Comments

Mail cites England (a regional state in the EU, not a member-state) as topped only by Malta in the EU27 league. "England" does not even belong in that table. It’s located in the UK, an EU member-state. The information comes from the Commons' Library.
Does the EU27 service Eurostat offer statistics exclusively for Noord-Holland? Is NH a member-state? Childsplay!
A ‘national statistics office’ for Britain= misleading! Trouble-making even. National: Britain? Britain is a geographical unit of islands comprising Wales, Scotland and England & the islands.
Together with Northern Ireland, on the island Ireland, these four components of 'the Royal Standard' (i.e. that of 'the Nation', that is, 'the Kingdom') represent the EU member-state known here as the United Kingdom (UK).

By Noel McCullagh | 26 August 2010 8:01 PM


you're missing the point. Whilst the offical name of the EU member is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the point of the article is to show that of all the migrants that settle in the UK, the vast majority of them live in England - thus making England a very crowded place to live anno 2010

UK statistics are kept at many levels and since there are different legal systems in England than those in Scotland or Northern Ireland, it's a very valid difference to make.

Ireland has always been referred to as part of the geographical term Britain, from Pytheas to our modern British Isles term

By john e boy | 27 August 2010 12:52 PM

The Daily Mail using misleading figures to back up its hate campaigns? Who'd've thought it?
Since about one fifth of the Netherlands' area is water, using the two countries' total areas as a basis for comparison is completely wrong.
But then, would we ever expect the Daily Mail to be honest?

By Tony Green | 29 August 2010 1:19 PM

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