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Wilders goes for headscarf ban in the Hague

Friday 26 February 2010

A ban on headscarves for city council workers and in all institutions and clubs which get local authority money will be the most important point in the PVV´s negotiations to join governing coalitions in Almere and the Hague, says party leader Geert Wilders.

Speaking to RTL news, Wilders said the ban would be central to talks to form new local authority executives in the only two cities where the party is contesting the March 3 local elections.

The ban will apply to 'all council offices and all other institutions and clubs which get even one cent of council money,' he said.

The PVV is tipped to emerge as the biggest party in Almere and second biggest in the Hague.


Wilders brought up the ban again in a speech to supporters in Almere, where he entered the room to the Rocky theme tune Eye of the Tiger.

The ban will not apply to other religious items such as Christian crosses and Jewish skull caps because these are symbols of our own Dutch culture, Wilders said in his speech, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd.

The speech began with a 'lengthy tirade' against the 'arrogant Labour party', according to the Volkskrant report of the meeting. 'If you translate the PvdA's Arabic language election brochures they say 'bring your family here. You get benefits, we pay for everything', the Volkskrant quoted the PVV leader as saying.

'Almere must become the safest city in the Netherlands,' he said. 'There will be an end to subsidies for Turkish macramé and Arabic finger painting. Not just the Netherlands but all of Europe will look to Almere.'


Wilders is currently facing charges of discrimination and inciting hatred against non western immigrants and Muslims. He always maintains he is opposed to Islam, not Muslims themselves.

Earlier this week, Wilders told the Telegraaf the PVV´s commitment to maintaining the current retirement age of 65 would be crucial in negotiations to form a new national government, following the collapse of the CDA, Labour and ChristenUnie alliance last weekend.

Most parties have already ruled out forming a coalition with Wilders. Only the Christian Democrats and right wing Liberals VVD have not done so.

Opinion polls make it likely that four parties will be needed to form a new government after the June 9 vote.

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Readers' Comments

If you watch the RTL report of the meeting its scarey... he almost gets ein volk angle in.

By Shirley | 26 February 2010 8:17 AM

This man is the next HITLER and must be stopped!

Seriously.. will be dictate what color underwear I'm allowed to wear next?

By LJK | 26 February 2010 9:36 AM

BTW sure he's opposed to ISLAM but some people are opposed to other religions. We all have to learn to live together peacefully. The true followers of Islam are peaceful!

By LJK | 26 February 2010 9:41 AM

what good policy have this guy got? just baning and baning, is that going to put food on the 5.9% dutch population who have lost their jobs. I singly don't see any good policy from this guy except creating fear among dutch population. His dream policy of sidelining some dutch population as our neighbors did in 1945. History will repeat itself in this 21st century.

By kwabena | 26 February 2010 9:51 AM

I think religion should be kept out of government and politics. It is too touchy of a subject for all people of different faiths and it tends to hurt feelings and causes wars against one another. We all have seen that many times over since the beginning of mankind. Politics and religion do not mix.

By Sandrav | 26 February 2010 10:20 AM

Spot on Kwabena. Could not have said it better myself.

By lawyer | 26 February 2010 10:26 AM

I'll say it pure and simple:
The man is a fascist and should be stopped at all cost.

By Ruud Lodder | 26 February 2010 10:53 AM

This is one scary man but even more scary is the apparent amount of support he is getting from the public.

I personally have a dislike of the burka but absolutely no problem with head scarves. My dislike of the burka is MY problem and probably stems from the fact the only people I saw covering their faces when I was growing up were the terrorists of Northern Ireland. This has lead to a built in (and arguably unreasonable) distrust of people who cover their faces.

However, despite my own prejudices, I would not call for any kind of ban other than in the situation where wearing such a scarf might impede their work (for example many people rely on lip reading as their hearing fails so wearing a full face scarf when working in a position facing the public would be unreasonable).

It is all very well Wilders saying that he opposes the religion but not the people who practice it. In reality a religion is purely made up of the people who practice the religion. I suspect what Wilder is trying to say is that while he despises Islam he has no problem with people of other races. Why? Because now his sheep like followers can say they are not racist and justify their unreasonable actions as an attack on a belief system and not the (predominantly brown) people that practice it.

Dutch tolerance of this intolerant man is making me doubt my wisdom in choosing to live here.

By Nick | 26 February 2010 11:07 AM

All tolerant people in Holland should try as best they can to discourage their peers to vote for anybody except Wilders in the upcoming elections. There is so much at stake in ensuring that this extremist does not get his grubby hands near the power button that he craves and that will create such damage for this most tolerant of countries

By Peter allman | 26 February 2010 11:30 AM

There's absolutely nothing wrong wit had scarfs. Covering your whole face then that's a whole new matter. Some one should look in a mirror? Then perhaps he may approve such head wear!!! I'm not religious

By engish 1 | 26 February 2010 11:38 AM

Don't even bother by what W said... he a is loser, he has nothing to help the Netherlands and he will fade away from politic soon. just you watch!!!

By zen | 26 February 2010 11:38 AM

zen: we need to bother because so many people are actually listening to him, and there will be an election in just over 3 months time.

Hitler never campaigned with "mass murder of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, disabled people, etc" as his election promise either...

By osita | 26 February 2010 12:45 PM

From Wikipedia....
"His father (Wilders') fled the area to escape from the Nazis and became so traumatised from the experience that he refused to physically enter Germany even forty years later. Wilders speculates that his father may have had some Jewish ancestry."
"Wilders' goal after he graduated from secondary school was to see the world. Because he did not have enough money to travel to Australia, his preferred destination, he went to Israel instead.
For several years he volunteered in a moshav and worked for several firms, becoming in his own words "a true friend of Israel".

So his father was traumatized by the nazi's, yet the son grows up to become a right-wing extremist??
Do you think his view of being a 'true friend of Israel' has any bearing on how he feels about muslims or arabic people?
Netherlands, be careful what hate you foster, do you really want an extreme agenda to direct your country? Is this person's viewpoints suitable for the entire country to portray to the world?? I say Hell NO......

By Von | 26 February 2010 1:50 PM

There is only one thing that will convince me to support a headscarf ban...........if Wilders will please wear one and cover his awful head!

By AC | 26 February 2010 2:03 PM

to some Wilders is "a loser", while some others want him to "be stopped at all cost".

if you are unwilling to understand the history of islam, you will not understand that Wilders is fighting FOR freedom and AGINST fascism

By qwertz | 1 March 2010 6:25 AM

Wilders is just a braveman who oppose Islam. I have been living in muslim country for many years the hardship uncompareable to wilders policy. Many dutch is ignorant. Islam will conquer europe in next decade. This is reality you must face.

By Wills | 1 March 2010 7:01 AM

...the next Hitler and fascist etc., but somebody likes his ideas, he's a party leader etc...

By JJ | 1 March 2010 7:35 AM

Wilders fighting for Freedom!! That is a contradiction in terms if even I saw one. Some people are so short sighted that they drive the law abiding Muslims into a state of extremism. People will read what they want into the histiry of any religion (good and bad)..Christianity, Judiasm, Islam...you can make any interpretation you like and draw all kinds of conclusions. Those who shout so loud please tell us what restrictions you have faced in these so called Muslim countries..

By Saladin | 1 March 2010 12:01 PM

Saladin, this is just idiotic... I have been in Iran, there is no freedom of speech to critize the government or Islam. There are state santcioned christian churches that pay a tax and have their program pre approved, there are also underground christian churches who meet in secret, risking their lives. I've been to both, there is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH and that's what Islam wants for Europe. Why not refute Wilders statments on Islam? you can't, because they are true. There is no comparison between Hitler and Wilders or the Jews of Germany and the muslims of Europe and to say there is just wilful ignorance. wilders is fighting for that most precious value 'freedom of speech' which is slowly disappearing. It's Islam that drives law abiding muslims into a state of extremism, because they can't control themselves when it's exposed or scrutinized.

By zaggle | 1 March 2010 11:42 PM

Wilders is a right wing nut like Hitler,Oh really.Would be dictators DO NOT fight for freedom of speech they fight against it, just as the Dutch Government and Muslims everywhere are doing. Wilders says the Koran calls for Muslims to butcher non Muslims. if this claim is incorrect then why is he not on trial for making a false statement instead of the appallingly shaky claim of "offending people" a charge which violates just about every cherished legal principle of the western world. .
Educate yourselves on sites such as Jihad watch, faith freedom org,
Annaqed or especially the centre for study of political Islam and make your own interpretation. Read Mohammed's Biography ,The Sira, or the Hadith of Bukhari and Muslim if you want to know the truth of what Jihad really is. Educate yourselves about Islam while you have the chance, your children will thank you for it.
PS, Muslims are the first victims of Islam, don't be the second
PPS Hitler's party were called the National Socialists and small government was not their policy, connect the dots

By harry | 2 March 2010 12:24 PM

Hello Mr. Nick

I would like to comment on your following comment:
Personally have a dislike of the burka but absolutely no problem with head scarves. My dislike of the burka is MY problem and probably stems from the fact the only people I saw covering their faces when I was growing up were the terrorists of Northern Ireland.:

My zoologist mother wears Burka/Niqab to seek Allaah's(God's) approval because the women saints(Waliyyah literally means a woman who is a Friend of Allaah) in our Islamic history used to cover their heads as well as faces. All of our classical scholars of Islamic theology and jursiprudence(called Fuqahaa) unanimously agree that it is our religious responsibility.

I hope an attempt of education on our part would contribute to a greater appreciation of fellow human beings.

By Muhammad Elijah | 3 March 2010 4:39 AM

" The true followers of Islam are peaceful!"

The only peaceful followers of islam have LEFT islam. Islam doesn't translate as "peace" it translates as "submission".

Some of you call Wilders another "right wing" "Hitler".

Hitler was a national SOCIALIST. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf which = "My Struggle" which = "My Jihad". The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem spent WW2 in Berlin helping Hitler.

There is a reason that "Mein Kampf" has been a top-ten best seller in the arab world for DECADES...

"His dream policy of sidelining some dutch population as our neighbors did in 1945. History will repeat itself in this 21st century."

No, because the Jews in the Netherlands weren't part of some world wide conspiracy (unless you read islamic papers) to take over Holland and the world.

Islam COMMANDS jihad to spread islam across the world. They divide it into "Dar el Salaam" (lands of submission where islam already rules) and "Dar el Hab" where they are fighting to have islam reign supreme.

Wilders is only trying to prevent islam from taking over Holland. Maybe you would like all of Holland to be like Rotterdam? If so, then go ahead with your stalinist show trial and just crucify Wilders .

If you have any courage for which Holland is known, then watch Fitna. It's only filled with passages from the koran and statements of muslim "leaders".

By joe hadenuff | 7 March 2010 4:01 PM

"All of our classical scholars of Islamic theology and jursiprudence(called Fuqahaa) unanimously agree that it is our religious responsibility."

So you would follow your religious leaders before Dutch law?

Do your religious leaders also agree with this from the koran?

(Sahih Muslim, Book 40, Number 6985), if a Jew seeks refuge under a tree or a stone, these objects will be able to speak to tell a Muslim: 'There is a Jew behind me; come and kill him!'

Or how about this?

"O you who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians as friends, some of them are friends unto some, whoever befriends them is from amongst them.’

‘Let it not be found that a nation who believe in Allah and the final days befriend those who oppose Allah and his messenger even though they be your fathers or children or brothers or relatives.’

Maybe some Dutch fantasists are right. You should be left alone. After all, it sounds like you would be perfect the next time Holland needs to round up their Jews

By Sam | 7 March 2010 4:15 PM


Quoting things out of context is always a problem in any literature. For Sahih Muslim, you need to read the entire Hadith and understand the story behind it, not just part of it as you posted. The hadith you cite involves a story from the end of days and the time of the Anti-Christ.

As for the Qur'anic verse you posted, it is known to be an improper translation. Proper translation has it as protector not as friends. If you even had an inkling of Islamic history, you wouldn't be stupid enough to post anything you had here as the Prophet Muhammad himself had Jewish and Christian allies. Please learn before you go to anti-Islamic sites and post garbage.

By Muslim | 23 March 2010 10:14 PM

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