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Wilders' trial to resume in February

Thursday 21 January 2010

The trial of MP Geert Wilders on inciting hatred and discrimination charges will resume on February 3, judges in Amsterdam said on Wednesday.

Following yesterday's initial hearing, judges will now decide who will be called as witnesses and on other procedural motions from both the prosecution and defence.

Wilders' ended Wednesday's session by stating that his defence rested not only on freedom of expression laws but the fact he is telling the truth. 'Something that is true can't be a criminal offence,' he was quoted by Nos tv as saying. 'This is why I ask [the court] to allow my expert witnesses to give testimony. I have to be able to defend myself. I have to be able to show I have spoken the truth.'

All eight other MPs from his anti-Islam party, the PVV, were among the public in court for the hearing. Some 300 supporters had also gathered outside the court building.

Wilders' witness list includes university professors, radical imams and Mohammed Bouyeri, the man who murdered film maker Theo van Gogh.


Earlier, public prosecutor Birgit van Roessel told the court Wilders' own testimony will take so long to be heard that he should be first questioned in private by an investigating judge.

Initial extensive questioning about all Wilders' statements would place 'a major burden' on the court, she said. In addition, the hearing will take place in front of a large audience who may react to his statements, she said. So it must be asked if the hearing can take place 'in the desired order and calm', she told the court.

The prosecution is not planning to bring any witnesses to the trial, she said.

Wilders' lawyer Bram Moszkowicz began his defence by calling on judges to halt the trial, arguing the public prosecution department had wrongly brought the case against the MP. He also called for the trial to be moved to the Hague, because that is where Wilders works.

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Readers' Comments

We all have the right to live in peace without hateful remarks from anyone. There is too much hate in this world and too little kindness for our fellow man, whatever the colour, nationality or religion.

By Sheila Webb | 21 January 2010 9:20 PM

Voltaire, the 18 century French enlightenment philosopher, published analytic critiques of the bible in co-authorship with Mme. du Chatelet. They citied quite a number of passages from the Old & New Testament that are patently contradictory, irrational & exhort violence [early scholarly text exegesis]. Their works are still studied in universities, as are subsequent philosophers and skeptics who followed. Should they have been censored, imprisoned? Free speech is an essential quality of a free society. Must the state continue to prosecute their citizenry who, like Sokrates, declare that ‘the unexamined life is not worth living?”

By Prof. E Wootton | 21 January 2010 10:59 PM

Good point professor, therefore Wilders should 'take the plank from his own eye, before pointing out the splinter in others' ' right?
I agree with Sheila, lets lose the hate and practice a little more love and tolerance for all.

By Hilary | 22 January 2010 8:25 AM

Mr. Wilders has to study history more to learn about Islam's contribution to the Europe and the world.

He perhaps knows Algebra came from the arabic word Al-Gabr (where Al is like De or The in Arabic), a book made by a great Muslim mathemacian.

Maybe he knows of Avesina whose Canone of Medicine was being taught till 19th century in Europe's greatest medical schools. He was a muslim.

Maybe he knows the word Algorithm came from the name of Al-Kharazmi (again Al being De or The in Arabic) refering to the name of a great Muslim mathematician.

He perhaps needs to read Ghoran where it is mentioned Sun and Earth are moving in circles long before Europeans have a clue about it.

What the hell? Sun moves? Does Ghoran lie? No it does not! Only recently modern science showed Sun moves in a circle around the center of Milky Way.

Good luck in your meaningless fight Mr. Wilders.

By Hassan | 22 January 2010 8:38 AM

People everywhere should stop and ask themselves just what Wilders is trying to tell us . He has a message he is risking his life to share. It would help if whoever is wondering what to think of this understands what Islam is really like. Many seem to have an opinion but what knowledge do they have to support it ?

I know what to think of this trial because I have learned as much as I can about Islam, and what is known as the "Islamization " of the free world.

The immigration of Muslims to countries that are governed a total different way than Muslims are used to has been a huge, phenomena . Small countries are suffering from haveing to accomadate Islamic religious needs and meet their demands. They do not assimilate, but expect host countries to appease their special religious expectations.

We should all remember that Islam and Democracy are really not compatable , so a great Muslim population is quite a burden. Speaking of free speech- these are the facts.

Mr. Wilders is a man of principles and very, very brave. He speaks for all to would like to tell the world they want to save Western civilization but they are too afraid to speak out for fear of being called "racists " etc. etc.

We should all thank Wilders and let his case be a warning to us .

By D.Ward | 31 January 2010 7:50 AM

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