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Meteorite explodes over north Groningen

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Hundreds of people report seeing a spectacular fireball or meteorite over the Netherlands in Tuesday's clear evening skies.

The police emergency number, Dutch coastguard and KNMI weather bureau report dozens of phone calls about the meteorite, which was seen in Germany and Belgium.

'I was standing in front of my window when there was a bright flash of light and a white fireball in the sky fell apart into three smaller ones,' eyewitness Erik Alberts from Zuidbroek in Groningen province told Nos tv. 'Like fireworks. A few seconds later, perhaps half a minute, there was a low rumble and the windows shook.'

For a photograph of the meteorite, click here

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Readers' Comments

I also saw it!!! I live in Arnhem and I saw it from windows of my apartment, first I thought it was UFO, I have never seen anything like that. Great Dutch News, I thought that I went crazy and was the only one who saw it :)

By ewelina | 14 October 2009 1:20 PM

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