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Anger at Wilders' headscarf tax'

Thursday 17 September 2009

PVV leader Geert Wilders irritated MPs from all parties during Wednesday's debate on the budget by calling for the introduction of a tax on Muslim headscarves, Trouw reports on Thursday.

It is time 'to clean up our streets,' the anti-immigration party leader said. 'This is pollution of public spaces. Let us do something about this symbol of oppression.'

The proceeds of the €1,000 headscarf licence would go to homes for battered women, he said. 'We have had enough of headscarves.'

Liberal democrat leader Alexander Pechtold asked himself if Wilders was serious while GroenLinks leader Femke Halsema said his speech was 'vulgar'.

And Socialist Party leader Agnes Kant asked Wilders if he also planned to tax Jewish skull-caps or headscarves worn by Christian women in the countryside.

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Readers' Comments

I will support Geert Wilders if he drops his anti-Muslim policy.

By DL | 17 September 2009 9:11 AM

Where did he get these ideas from???? A 6 year old kid could come with better ideas than that!!!! I really pity the guy and the Dutch nation for having such a lunatic idiot as an MP

By Al | 17 September 2009 9:47 AM

...and what about the pollution caused by peroxide in our water...?

By CW | 17 September 2009 10:09 AM

Hey it's Holland.. they tax everything! Tax all the religious garb. Tax yogurt from Turkey, and ban the date! Government owned brothels. And police that won't face down the Hell's Angels. This is all SO INSANE.
You cannot tax a jihab! that's ridiculous! I can agree with security reasons to ban face coverings... but I think people should be able to wear ANY hat they like.

Way too far Geert, WAY TO FAR.

anyone else think it's become a bit TOO oppressed here?

By EX-PAT | 17 September 2009 11:23 AM

It is time to clean up the streets. I nominate Geert for hondenpoep minister! Let us do something about this symbol of his entire political platform.

By J. | 17 September 2009 11:25 AM

What about Clown Hats? If they are still legal, maybe we can send one to Mr Wilders so that everyone can see exactly what he is before he opens his mouth!

By osita7 | 17 September 2009 12:57 PM

women that wear headscarves wear them because they want others to notice them and what they represent. There's no difference between a headscarf, a noisy moped or tattoos, some people want to be recognized and have attention from others in public. I think Wilders has gone too far this time. He should definitely do something about his hair, perhaps don a headscarf???

By stevie | 17 September 2009 2:00 PM

The PVV has exactly the right idea, and I support them 150%. You like the head scarf? Move to Saudi Arabia. MUSLIM GO HOME!

By LD | 18 September 2009 5:54 AM

I think the real issue here is fear of Muslim extremism. Wearing the headscarf seems to denote that.

By Linlita | 18 September 2009 7:39 AM

Geert just says what all the rest of us think. If they want to dress up like ninja's then they go go back from where they came from.

I really hope Geert is the next Prime Minister, this is exactly what this country needs.

By Juan | 18 September 2009 9:33 AM

Oh my, and what about people who go through chemotherapy and lose all their hair? Also other cultures like older russian women in certain parts of Russia, or some eastern Europeans who like to wear a headscarf? Wilders you are insulting more then just islam now but acting like you are against womens rights. Has it ever occured to you that women choose to wear a headscarf by culture and not religion? All Muslim women that live in Europe or any Western country are aware of their rights and they do not take kindly that you insult them this way. Even if it was by religion that is A WOMANS choice to do so! Even me, When I am having a bad hair day, even I wear a scarf and nobody is going to tax me for it! Tell me to my face, a jew not to wear a head scarf and you will get us jewish and muslim women lining up on the street protesting real fast my dear!

By sandra | 18 September 2009 1:27 PM

Where I live could be called "Islamawijk," instead of Schalkwijk.
From my balcony on any given day, I see long bearded men wearing long white robes and flowerpot-hats, and women totally covered-up from head to foot.

I often feel embarrassed walking around my own neighbourhood. I'm the odd one out here! Still, if that's what the Netherlands wants, more mosques than windmills, then so be it...

By stevie | 18 September 2009 2:01 PM

symbol of oppression ?? Thats going too far.

France has banned headscarfs of all types in public offices (including schools) for a few years now. And I hate it like anything.

Europeans may not like headscarfs and certain muslims may not like women in miniskirts, but its all about living together in harmony. Live and let live.

I propose a EUR 1000 per annum tax on anyone with the last name Wilders. Its as logical (or illogical) as the headscarf tax proposal.

By ST | 18 September 2009 2:22 PM

All i need to remind this guy is to read his bible,even the bible is telling u the woment who doesnot cover hear head "SHAVE THEM ALL". Muslim nation has the right to wear headscarf and practice their religion regardless.
finally this guy he real realy need a help please save him from hel-fire and its the duety of every muslim to share his knowledge of slam with this guy, if he doesn't accept thats his business.

By Ali | 18 September 2009 2:33 PM

well talking about taxing why not a tax on blond-dyed-hair^^. and I totally agree its a ridiculous idea of geert. shame on dutch society shame.....

By cyan | 18 September 2009 5:35 PM

Bravo, Geert. I support you. And the women who are forced to wear these emblems of servitude and shame would thank you if they dared. Keep fighting for freedom. I admire you.

By Bronwyn | 19 September 2009 10:09 PM

Good, Geert is going more far-right(i am far right) and now it' just time for these kind of ideas to be mainstream,what was considred far-right 3 years ago is now mainstream and in 3 years this kind of policys will be mainstream

Geert Wilders

Your the man and a hero of europe

By Alexander | 22 September 2009 8:55 PM

unfortunately europeans and american are too apologetic because they never had to deal with islam until now. No woman would ever ever chose to cover herself as if she was a leper just like a man would never ever love wear chains around his ankles.

As an Albanian, I can fully testify and predict what Holland and the rest of Europe will become like if they continue this nonsense. Albania was invaded for 5 centuries by these people, and it is the poorest most chaotic nation in europe, where only a small number of people are true to their blood while the rest who call themselves albanian are remains of the ottoman empire who are now joining their mosques in numbers and going as far as selling land and sea to other countries.

If you want to suffer the fate of the earliest people in Europe who have lost their identity with the exception of a few of us who keep our culture, our history, and our language alive among us, than feel free to play the apologetic.

What is said about european is that they are ignorant to history, and little do they understand. You make documentaries about Alexander, about Leonidas, about Scanderbeg, for what? You learn nothing from their lives, and you think it is only something cool to know for historical knowledge, little do you know that you are part of history in the making, and you are choosing to watch your own destruction, a destruction that man like Alexander, Leonidas, and Scanderbeg prevented in the past.

You have already denied the freedom of speech. Here is my question to you who are against wilders: Why did we fight against Nazi Fashism? They only wanted to spread their own ideologies to the rest of the world and rule over everyone in their own peaceful way after cleaning up what they didn't like.

Why did we fight against one evil, when today we are allowing the same evil to grow within our own walls?
For globalization and multiculturalism to work, you need all parties to be on the same page, not some in the medieval mindset doing the works of imaginary gods, and others in the 21st century working for peace, harmony, and freedom.

By Michael | 7 October 2009 3:03 PM

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