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Criticism of family conference grows

Monday 10 August 2009

Dutch family minister André Rouvoet has distanced himself from the anti-homosexual statements of the Slovakian European parliament member Anna Zaborska, report various media on Monday.

Zaborska is reported to have said some years ago that Aids is God’s punishment for homosexuality. The comment was publicised again last week in the run up to the controversial World Congress of Families in Amsterdam where Zaborska is one of the speakers.

Criticism against Rouvoet for agreeing to give the opening address at the event, which starts on Monday, continued at the weekend.

The conference is organised by an alliance of orthodox Christian and right-wing organisations which want to promote ‘traditional family values’ and are against homosexual relationships.

‘The fact that the minister is giving a welcome speech via a video message cannot be seen as an opinion on the diverse views of [the conference’s] participants,’ a spokesman for Rouvoet, a member of the orthodox Christian ChristenUnie party, is quoted as saying in today’s Telegraaf.

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Readers' comments (2)

Why can't our govenments remain secular?!

By AW | August 10, 2009 9:20 AM

“I am delighted that Minister André ROUVOET disassociated himself from recent accusations. I also would have done so in his place.

Unfortunately I was also accused. This is not only outrageous for those who suffer from AIDS and deserve our full respect and support but it is a shame that I am accused that way.

I would like to remind of the verdict of the French Press court which cleared me of all defamatory accusations in this field.

My colleagues from the European Parliament committee for women’s rights and gender equality were ready to support me and they reaffirmed their confidence in my competence when re-electing me after 2.5 years as chairwoman of this committee.

This press statement was at least not very professional journalism and hurtful for the truth regarding those who are concerned but also not very helpful for the wonderful World Congress of Families V currently running in Amsterdam, not to speak of the way I was characterized.”

Dr Anna Zaborska, Member of the European Parliament

By Anna Zaborska MEP | August 11, 2009 4:23 PM

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