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Wilders' ideas enjoy 40% support

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Some 40% of the Dutch population agree with many of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilder's statements, according to research by TNS Nipo for magazine Vrij Nederland.

According to opinion polls, Wilders would take about 18% of the vote if there was an election tomorrow. But this research shows support for his ideas is much wider, Vrij Nederland says.

Some 42% of those polled agreed with the statement that Wilders says 'what ordinary people believe and want'. Some 35% do not think Wilders goes too far in his comments about Islam and Muslims and 38% agree with Wilders' statement that Muslims have come to the Netherlands 'to take things over'.

A large majority - 61% - agree with Wilders' call for 'street terrorists' to be deported. Wilders used the phrase to describe gangs of youths, mainly of Moroccan origin.

Although support for Wilders among people with a university education has increased slightly, his main support is still found among 'the ordinary man who does not feel that the established parties take him seriously,' said researcher Peter Kanne.

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Readers' Comments

I was born in The Netherlands and every time I go back I see a whole different look to the people that now make up much of Amsterdam, R'dam, and many of Holland's larger cities. Immigration is fine if limited to a small percentage, but when huge volumes of people from the Muslim world seek out the western world for socialism and an easy ride and to escape the persecution of their own countrys, Holland and much of Europe suffer. Wilders is right, in order to keep the character and uniqueness of The Netherlands intact, there should be limits and rules.

By Toon V. | 21 April 2009 4:08 PM

what about deporting white gangs who cause trouble?

By Barakzai Van Utrecht | 21 April 2009 4:51 PM


Sure, if they are not from the Netherlands, of course they should be deported.

By bertram | 21 April 2009 7:08 PM

Media Hype is dangerous. People are always looking for scapegoats when things get tough.

By jack | 21 April 2009 8:29 PM

It is important to accurately recall the history of the Netherlands (as well as other European countries)regarding the initial reasons for inviting the Morokans, Turkse, etc. to work/live in Europe decades ago. When an accurate context and time-line to the present has been established and well communicated through print, internet and television media, then perhaps the population (especially those under age 30) can better understand the current issues and make more informed personal and political choices.

By Philippe Tersian | 21 April 2009 8:47 PM

The Dutch as a people are finished. Your generosity and feminization have cost you everything. Sad.

By Uncltim | 22 April 2009 1:55 AM

Weird. If criminal moroccans and street thugs is such a problem in the Netherlands, why not stop the crime using normal crime-fighting methods. Why not ask Wilmers what evidence there is that deportation is so effective? Did sending criminals to Australia decrease crime in Britain?

By Mats | 22 April 2009 9:35 PM

its true, feminism has ruined all of western society. The damage it has caused has yet to surface.

By Henry Makow | 23 April 2009 10:20 AM

I'm dutch and it almost seems old fashioned WWII-jews have been replaced by Muslims, just like Mein Kampf has been replaced by Wilders "movie" Fitna.

Muslims aren't the enemy here, bias is.
I really don't understand why fellow dutch follow this walking pile of sh*t.
Proud to be dutch ? now less then ever !

By Bart Derks | 23 April 2009 4:31 PM

Whew, there's some backwards opinions being discussed here.

I'm an outsider Canadian living in the Netherlands and i feel i've made about an equal connection to the Dutch and Muslim community in my time here but i feel like a lot of these sentiments come from not really knowing the Muslim community.

If you concern is fundamentalism most of the Muslim children i know are being raised in a extremely non-orthodox environment, I'm sure with every generation such sentiments get tempered with the dutch mentality.

If you concern is crime, i feel the talk of deportation shows that people here simply are not aware of the underlying causes of crime.

Crime is caused by poverty, poverty is common in first generation immigration EVERYWHERE. You don't see other developed nations talking about deporting LEGAL immigrants because they're poor, they're here so they can access more wealth and improve their lives, that's why people immigrate.

There will always be crime and there will always be poverty and in my opinion as an outsider the Netherlands has a suspicious lack of both to be reverting to deportation!

As to the talk of "feminism ruining all of western society", i don't even know where that's coming from, it's not related to this article and saying things like that with no underlying argument just makes you look ignorant.

By Amsterdamned | 23 April 2009 5:07 PM

How well put into words, amsterdamned!

Im a thirty year old 'Rotterdammer', born, raised, studied, etc.

From what I can see it seems that if the integration process would have been handled better when these people initially came here, Holland wouldn't be experiencing the problems so 'severly' as we do now.
So if we look for a scapegoat, then look back at our government from that time.

Now it will just take time for things to find their balance.
And having an attitude of tolerance and respect from both sides is essential.
Talk, listen and change.

Yes, for sure Holland will change.
Everything changes, it's a fact of life.
I guess people that are so scared of that might find life very scary in general.

For me the multicultural society brings diversion and joy yet from all the people that are part some tolerance and respect would be appreciated.

That way we can all live together instead of waste our time on being angry and afraid.

By Rotterdamse | 23 April 2009 10:43 PM

Yeah, we have some nice multi culti comments here. "Tolerance and respect from both sides"? That's yet to be seen... Geert Wilders, I wish there were more politicians like you.

By Canadian | 24 April 2009 8:54 PM

"what about deporting white gangs who cause trouble?"
If you have 6 kids and one is a delinquent criminal, does that mean you owe it to the delinquent criminals of the world to let them all stay at your house?

By Vlad Tepesblog | 3 May 2009 3:42 PM

Barakzai Van Utrecht,
The only problem with deporting white gangs is that they have no where to go. Thats who the jails and prisons are built for. Too bad they are filled with immigrants who are treated like they are at the Holiday Inn, when they should be treated like animals. Don't let Geert be the person to say "I told you so," when you are living in Dhimmi Europe 50 years from now. ethnic Germans, French, Spanish, British, Belgians, Russians, and more are going to be Muslim countries unless if we fight and stop immigration and Muslim babies. That is the only way we can save our democratic freedoms, Western Civilization, and our values.
I'm not Dutch, but my respect for Geert Wilders and his Dutch patriotism makes me proud of the heroic Dutch people. Enough said.

By Clay | 3 May 2009 8:48 PM

Pal from Canada, you are wrong.
I am from Australiua - contry of migrants as you know. Now we have many new peoples from India and China. We have no problems with them. The only trublemakers are Muslims (mostly from Lebanon). I live in suburm full of chinise and Indians. No problems with crime but suburbs with muslims are most dengerous ones. So your conclusion about poverty and first generation is comletely wrong.

By Andrew | 7 June 2009 2:32 AM

There are about 2 mln Polish immigrants living in Germany. They were certainly poor when they went there, I guess that is clear. Has anybody heard about Polish rapists problem, Polish youth gangs, Polish kids dropping school en masse? I don't think so!

By Roemer | 12 June 2009 4:51 PM

Every generation of immigrants is first protrayed as inherently criminalistic and dangerous before they are integrated into a society. It happened in the US for the Irish, the Germans, the Poles, the Jews, the Chinese, the Japanese, Blacks. There are cartoons of animalistic Japanese men grabbing white women and raping them in allies. It is just absurd now to see such things because the Japense are considered model immigrants and Italians, Irish, and Germans are all considered "White."

The things that are said about the 1.2 million diverse peoples that are Muslim will look similarly absurd. Also, discrimination never helps.

Muslims are less than 5% of the Dutch population. Just chill the hell out people.

By Robert | 28 May 2010 2:36 AM

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