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Terrorist attacks foiled, shops reopen (new)

Friday 13 March 2009

The Ikea store and other shops in Amsterdam-Zuidoost are to be allowed to open on Friday morning after the arrest of seven people on suspicion of preparing to carry out terrorist attacks in the area yesterday.

Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen told the media there is no longer a serious threat to safety. No explosives were found during police searches at the homes of those arrested who are expected to appear in court today.

At a press conference on Thursday night Amsterdam police chief Bernard Welten said six men and one woman have been arrested in connection with the bomb scare which led to the shopping area in Amsterdam-Zuidoost being sealed off yesterday.

One of those arrested is related to one of the suspects of the Madrid bombing who later committed suicide. The Madrid attack took place five years ago this week.

According to the national anti-terrorist coordinator there is no reason to implement extra security measures in the country following the threat in Amsterdam, reports Friday’s Volkskrant.

The threat level is already at its second highest level which means there is a realistic chance of a terrorist attack, the paper says.

Click here for last night’s story from the press conference.

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Readers' Comments

There's a public 'threat level' in the Netherlands? Who knew?

By Rip van der Winkel | 13 March 2009 7:59 AM

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