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Geert Wilders' party second biggest in polls

Monday 16 February 2009

The row over the banning of anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders from entering Britain last week has not boosted the popularity of his PVV party greatly, according to the latest online poll by Maurice de Hond.

The populist PVV would win 25 seats in the 150-seat parliament in an election was held now, just two more than a week ago. The party currently has nine MPs.

The two extra seats come from the main government partners, the Christian Democrats (CDA) and Labour, who both lost one each in the latest opinion poll. This makes the PVV the second biggest party after the CDA.

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Readers' Comments

I am an 80-year-old American whose parents were born in the 19th century. At the end of the 16th Century my ancestors escaped from James the First to Holland. We were dissidents grateful to the only country where free speech and religion were tolerated.
Noses and ears of these Puritans had been cut off and some burned at the stake. Some of my ancestors worked in Leiden while seeking an honest captain who would not sail them back to King James, but to the New World. One of these, John Howland, was an indentured servant to Governor Carver, who became Assistant Governor of the Plymouth colony, which democratically assigned equal plots for all to till, helped by the local Indians.

That was 400 years ago. It is said that those who have not learned from history are doomed to repeat it. The West has seen the Renaissance, the Reformation, and The Enlightenment, whereas now we face an enemy whose followers believe that Paradise is attained by killing infidels under the medieval mandate of jihad. It may be that humanity is still under the sway of our inherited reptilian brain, and the planet may revert to long epochs of barbarism. American education in the 1960s threw out the logic that made us "reasoning animals" as a relic of patriarchy, in favor of a "feelings-based education."

Unfortunately Russia, China, and North Korea have seen fit to enable and arm Islamic jihad as a means to accomplish what they could not in the Cold War, the enslavement of Western democracies. This began as a tactic of Germany’s just after WWI and was refined by the Bolsheviks and Stalinists up to the present. The indisputable evidence for this is in Laurent Murawiec’s The Mind of Jihad. Need I point to the Iranian Bushehr nuclear reactor constructed by Russia and ringed with their SS-300 missile defense.

Whereas Hitler was rather secretive about the holocaust, and details of the planning for it at the Wansee Conference did not emerge until after WWII, Ahmadinejad is quite frank about his role in creating Armageddon so that the 12th Imam, who disappeared down a well in the 7th Century, may be resurrected to rule the planet by Sharia law. Having purged mention of the 12th Imam from our State Dept., we and the rest of the world are being lulled into thinking some Islamists with a mania for cutting off our heads can be swayed by diplomacy. Indeed, they are quite clear that they will prevail, "because we are in love with death." Fitna demonstrates this demoralizing fact.

Therefore, I find it in view of psychology and history incomprehensible as to why the people of the Netherlands and the U.K. would turn against Geert Wilders, a veritable Paul Revere for this century, whose film Fitna simply quotes the words from the Koran which will get you killed, and backs it up with documentation of the blood deeds!

By richard roberts | 16 February 2009 10:19 PM

Wow Mr Roberts, what a surprise to see your comments printed, because ever so slightly, you are complimenting Mr. Wilders.

I submitted several responses concerning this topic, in which I said my opinion that Geert Wilders was only voicing a genuine concern, making people aware of possible dangers, lurking behind the scenes, which could affect the future of a country and its people.

None of them were ever posted.

You basically said the same thing, but very diplomatically, which must have escaped the scrutiny of the editor.

I even mentioned this in a local paper, that "Dutch News", is also avoiding upsetting the apple cart.

The world should learn from Pakistan where in order to appease, some Sharia law is instituted.

Being aware of their objectives, it came as no surprise.

You said it well, but I'm convinced that you slipped through the cracks of censorship, something which was not present when I lived in Holland.

By Hank Kemp | 17 February 2009 3:41 AM

For most of my life I viewed Holland as a beacon of freedom. But with the pending prosecution of Mr. Wilders for the publishing of his valiant film Fitna, I am appalled.

As with the cartoons, and as with the work of free speech martyr Theo Van Gogh, and under constant security watch Ayaan Hirsi Ali, it's not the original material that's offensive, it's the reaction.

The reaction from Islamists shows that provocative material must be even MORE put out there for public viewing. And the reaction from self-loathing politicians like Gordon Brown shows this as well.

As someone who grew up in the liberal tradition in the United States this whole business has been eye opening.

Where are the women's groups in America relative to standing up for the right of women in Islam to be free from oppression? The elite liberals in America and elsewhere tend to be moral relativists. They're more interested in not offending than in the truth.

"It's their culture to oppress - who are we to say what's right and wrong,” they would and do in effect say.

Anyway I'm all for the rights of people to be left along to do what they please in their own homes, with the exception than no one should be forced to live in oppression. As a former Mormon I know what it's like. And Islam is in my view far more oppressive than Mormonism.

Good luck to Mr. Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and to all the freedom fighters and truth speakers. The truth tellers stand with you, even if the panty waste no-cajones "liberals" in Europe quake in fear at hearing from people with enough courage to say the Emperor has no clothes. And I say this as a person who's a left-leaning anti-authoritarian myself.

And to the people in Holland, I hope you can return to the path to true freedom soon.

The work of George Orwell has a high degree of relevance in this case also relative to some in Europe trying to outlaw certain thoughts. Speaking is part of thinking.

By Jonathan Higbee | 17 February 2009 5:18 AM

Shouldn't it say "has boosted" instead of "has not boosted"???

By Angela | 18 February 2009 2:13 AM

the poster above me says that "provocative material must be even MORE put out there for public viewing." I completely agree!

here's my dream: that all the major newspapers of the world decide, all together, to run the Danish cartoons, all of them, on the same day.

can you imagine the reaction? what would the mullahs do? whose flags would they burn? whose embassies would they protest at? whose businesses would they boycott? everyone?

of course, this being a dream, it will never happen. but that is the kind of bold step that we need to let the Islamists know that our tradition is worth fighting for...and we will fight.

By ruth Gretzinger | 18 February 2009 3:23 AM

I have been in many Islamic countries in my life and I would not like to live under Islamic law at all. As a humanist I believe in no religions and would like the world to come to its humane senses. Geert shows the truth, is that forbidden now too?

By Alexander Baldal | 18 February 2009 11:02 PM

Ruth Gretzinger has the best solution so far.

Just imagine, the mass confusion it would create and the enormous disappointment when they realize that nobody gives a rat's ass what they think.

It also could be a reason for them to finally start assimilating and become part of the society they live in, or return home and pout about it.

Either way is acceptable.

By Hank Kemp | 20 February 2009 3:40 AM

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