Gay attackers usually young Dutch men

Most of the 150 cases of verbal or physical violence against gay men and women in the first six months of this year were committed by native Dutch men or no attacker was listed, according to home affairs ministry figures.

Police chiefs were asked to keep a record of instances of gay bashing following concerns that attacks were increasing and that young immigrants were largely to blame. There have been several high profile attacks on gay men over the past year, particularly in Amsterdam.
But in only 16% of the registered incidents between January and June was the attacker described as non-white, the figures show.
Violent attacks
2008 is the first year police forces and regional anti-discrimination bureaus have had a uniform system to register incidents of discrimination and this has led to a sharp increase in reports. In total, 1,512 incidents were reported, of which 150 related to attacks on homosexual men and women.
A second report, due next spring, will focus on full-year figures involving religious and racial discrimination as well as anti-gay attacks.
Physical violence was involved in 28% of the 150 attacks on gays. The rest involved intimidation, threats, verbal abuse and vandalism. Actual violent incidents were more likely to take place in areas with a predominance of gay bars or at popular meeting places.
In almost all cases, both attackers and victims were men. Age was not registered but police say the overwhelming impression is that the attackers are usually young.
Home affairs minister Guusje ter Horst said in a reaction that the victims of discrimination are often less likely to go to the police and the number of anti-gay incidents is probably far higher.