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Hirsi Ali in court over security funding

Thursday 29 May 2008

Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former MP who now works for a conservative US think-tank, is going to court in an effort to force the Dutch state to pay for her security, the NRC reports on Thursday.

The paper says Hirsi Ali has asked a court in The Hague to hear eight witnesses in a preliminary hearing, which could lead to a full-blown court case.

The Netherlands stopped paying for Hirsi Ali's bodyguards last year when she moved to the US permanently. Hirsi Ali says her security is the Dutch state's responsibility.

Among those scheduled to appear in court are former deputy prime minister Gerrit Zalm and the head of the anti-terrorism organisation Tjibbe Joustra, the NRC says. News agency ANP reports that justice minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin is also on the witness list.

Hirsi Ali has set up a fund to pay for her security abroad, which has been successful so far, her lawyer Britta Böhler told ANP. 'But there is no structural provision for the future,' Böhler said.

Fund raising is occupying most of Hirsi Ali's time. 'If she is unable to raise money by public appearances because she becomes sick or unemployed, then she could be in mortal danger,' Böhler told ANP.

The news about the court hearing coincides with the publication of the Islam critic's first children's book, the story of a forbidden friendship between a Muslim boy called Adan and a Jewish girl named Eva.

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Readers' Comments

No Comments ? I just write it before you publish this new article in my comment to the article : Islam debate is stifled, says Hirsi Ali

She is just speaking against the Government because they refuse to continue to pay for her protection with the Dutch peoples taxes.
Nederland helped her too much and she continue to "spitt in the same soup she was eating in Netherland".

The one who was right is Verdonk who wanted to took her passport.

If i was in her position, I will never go to Court against Dutch Government
This the way for her to thanks Holland for the hospitality. Iam foreign national and that is why some times I said Geert Wilders have all the right in what he have said.

That'all because the French refuse to give the money.

And let the Ducth peoples know that not only here who is in danger from terrorists but all Dutch peoples and all europeen peoples. So can the Ducth Government pay for protection for all the citizens?

The money form the taxes have to be used to help peoples who dont have anything to eat and to help dutch peoples who face economic and social problems .Hirsi Ali have to stop her "playing Cinema" now.

By AT | 29 May 2008 6:49 PM

Politics is completely a very game.You are used flushed down the drain and forgotten.

Those that pay the paper control the tune and this what Hirsi should know.

She is dancing visiting several places for help with no avail.

By cm | 29 May 2008 10:13 PM

This is a bunch of propaganda to sell more books to also poison the minds of children with the hogwash...the same thing Job Cohen wanted to do which let to the fall of Henna Buynne, putting her integrity into question.

Like her radical leftists co-horts Hirsi Ali is using the might of the government to further her own personal agenda at the expense of others....the same radical left who claimed that Pim Fortuyn was a danger to minorities are pushing this non-sense......and it makes me like Marvin Gaye sang.....WANNA HOLLER....(sic)

By Lisette | 31 May 2008 1:13 PM

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