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'Fitna' within the law, says Muslim group

Thursday 27 March 2008

Geert Wilder's anti-Koran film Fitna is within the boundaries of the law, Brahim Bourzik, spokesman for the national council of Moroccans, LBM, told news agency ANP on Thursday shortly after it was released on the internet.

Bourzik said he was 'extremely relieved' after having seen the film. 'The worries that I and Dutch society had about riots and the like have been reduced considerably,' Bourzik told ANP.

Leiden university professor of Islamic studies Maurits Berger told ANP the film contains nothing insulting and was not a provocation to Muslims. 'It is nothing more than a compilation of images we already know,' Berger said.

While pictures of the attacks on Twin Towers in New York were shocking, 'these are the deeds of criminals and terrorists who have done terrible things,' Berger was reported as saying.

All Dutch mosques will be open to the public on Friday, says ANP.

See separate story for more information about the film itself.

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