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Van der Sloot not arrested in Natalee case

Friday 15 February 2008

The Aruban public prosecution department has confirmed it will not re-arrest Joran van der Sloot, the Dutch student seen on secret recordings confessing that he was with US teenager Natalee Holloway when she died.

An appeal court on Aruba has upheld an earlier ruling that there is not sufficient relevant new evidence to bring Van der Sloot into custody at present but that he remains an official suspect in the case.

Van der Sloot has already been arrested twice in connection with the girl's disappearance on the holiday island in 2005.

Van der Sloot's lawyer, Bert Van Rooj told Radio 1 on Friday that justice officials had reached their decision because his client has told them he made up the confesssion.

The confession, recorded on secret cameras while Van der Sloot was in a car smoking marijuana with a friend, includes Van der Sloot saying a friend of his dumped Natalee's body at sea.

'There are objective facts which counteract what he has said,' Van Rooij said. Van der Sloot was lying in the confessions, he added.

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Readers' Comments

Shame on his parents for not making him take responsibility for his actions by telling what he knows..owning up to his responsibility whatever that may be. The whole world knows he did something and he knows what happened to her.

I am surprised his father works within the dutch justice system since he has raised a boy who has no respect for females or society and his actions show he does not believe in justice for Natalee.

By Terry | 18 February 2008 1:02 PM

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