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Society over-sexualised, says new poll

Friday 22 February 2008

Some 70% of the Dutch think there is too much sex in society and women in particular would like to see a 'new prudishness' free newspaper DAG reports on Friday.

'The outcome [of the poll] does not surprise me,' sociologist Herman Vuijsje tells the paper. 'People have thought this for some time but it was taboo to say so.'

It is not a question of becoming more prudish but becoming more sensible, he says.

Among the other findings: some 60% of women polled thought the culture minister should do something about sex-filled video clips on tv and 66% think politicians should interfere more in questions of sexual morality.

However, Sandy Wenderhold, editor of sex magazine Chick, tells DAG her company does particularly well in places where a lot of fundamentalist Christians live. And at the recent ideal home fair, her sex toy stand was over-run with curious female customers, she says.

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Readers' comments (1)

Sandy Wenderhold is so confused. She doesn't know the difference between public and private. I, too, find the amount of sex on TV and in advertising in this country offensive and repulsive.

There is just nothing good about full frontal nudity on a billboard at a bus stop, like the billboard closest to the bus stop where I live. There is nothing good to be gained for showing pornography on broadcast television.

However, Ms Wenderhold doesn't understand that sex toys are used in private, not in public. I don't understand why her comments were included in this article because they are irrelevant to the subject matter. In short, it's about time Holland cleaned up its' act and stopped confusing the issues.

By Tim Lee | February 25, 2008 8:27 AM

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