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Natalee will never be found, says Joran

Sunday 03 February 2008

'The body of American teenager Natalee Holloway will never be found,’ Dutch student Joran van der Sloot was seen saying on a tv programme on Sunday night.

The 18-year-old vanished on the holiday island of Aruba in May 2005. Describing himself as 'lucky', Van der Sloot described how he phoned a friend to help dispose of her body. 'The ocean is big', he said.

Dutch tv crime reporter Peter R de Vries claims to have solved the mystery of her disappearance by using hidden cameras to record conversations between Van der Slot and a 'friend'.

Sitting in the front seat of a car and smoking marijuana, Van der Sloot is seen talking about how Natalee started shaking and died after they had sex on the beach late at night. 'She didn't say anything anymore,' he says.

After fitting a car with three secret cameras, De Vries was able to record a number of conversations with Van der Sloot as he went for drives with an older friend called Patrick van der Eem. Van der Eem approached De Vries offering to help with the investigation after meeting the student at a casino last year.

In one conversation Van der Sloot tells Van der Eem he phoned a friend called Daury to help get rid of Natalee’s body. Daury loaded it into his boat and dumped it at sea, Van der Sloot said.

On Friday, Van der Sloot said he had made the entire story up. His lawyer also said Van der Sloot had nothing to fear from Peter R de Vries’ revelations.

In another conversation, Van der Sloot talks constantly about the financial compensation he is the process of claiming. He has twice been arrested in connection with the disappearance.

The public prosecution department on Aruba described the recordings as a ‘very convincing story’ but said many facts still needed to be verified.

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Readers' comments (4)

Just a couple of hours, I have seen the broadcast of Dutch TV crime reporter Peter R. de Vries. I personally consider him as a very courageous man. He has done a great job.

Yoran van der Sloot is a criminal whose guilt is been proven thanks to his confession on TV during the broadcast while he was riding in the car of Patrick van Eem.

The only solution for this kind of people is a long sentence to prison. If it will come to a court case however, will to be seen.

There were -and are still- certain elements on Aruba and the Netherlands who have thwarted the court cases againmst van der Sloot. Does superintendent of police van Straaten know a little bit about this?

By Ton Nuiten | February 4, 2008 1:37 AM

Honestly, it wouldn't matter if van der Sloot was caught with his hands in her blood. If he's convicted I'll be surprised if he is given more than 7 years... that goes for anyone in Holland.

Her family will always have to carry around the injustice done to their daughter, but knowing that even if she was murdered, her murderer will only spend a few years in jail and then will be released to their normal everyday life. That my friends, is the biggest slap in the face one could imagine.

By Lonna Brown | February 4, 2008 7:39 PM

A man is innocent until proved guilty... that goes for Joran too. This is not a trial by media so everyone has to wait for more developments.

While De Vries may be good at his job, the whole idea of sting operations being screened for the public makes me sick. De Gouden Kooi and now this..... a reflection of the tastes of the times!

By Bingo Haley | February 4, 2008 10:19 PM

This is a media lynching of a young man who isn't quite stable. Apparently Ms.Halloway was intoxicated and taken advantage of...it seems more likely that she either passed out or died perhaps from the excesses of what she drank that evening,

What Joran may be guily of is panicing...no surprise that anyone would, given the circumstances. His poor judgement continues even now, as evidenced in his irrational behavior in talking so freely to the media, and of smoking pot with his new found 'friend'. He is certainly a foolish young man but unlikely a murderer., intentional or otherwise.

By Corrine Schlessel | February 7, 2008 9:54 AM

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