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Golden Earring heralds Hillary Clinton

Tuesday 29 January 2008

Dutch band Golden Earring's 1984 hit When The Lady Smiles is being used by Hillary Clinton's campaign team, the band's management confirmed on Monday evening. The song is played when Clinton enters a venue.

The band only found out when fans in America contacted them. 'There's been no contact between Clinton's team and us,' their manager told news agency ANP. 'But no doubt we'll receive royalties.'

Hillary's husband Bill reportedly used Golden Earring's global hit Radar Love in his 1992 campaign. 'There must be a fan in the Clinton entourage,' the manager said..

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Readers' Comments

All you wanna know about Golden Earring's classic Radar Love can be found at: www.radar-love.net

By Patrick | 29 January 2008 3:10 PM

It's amazing just how much news such nonsense can generate. This song, which was banned by MTV in the US for nudity and the supposed depiction of the rape of a nun on its original 1984 release, is not being used by the Clinton campaign. Apparently it was played by local organisers in Cedar Falls, Iowa, some eight songs before Clinton appeared on stage.
Hardly surprising then that Clinton's campaign team have not contacted Golden Earring to request their permission for its use.

By Chas Conway-Stewart | 30 January 2008 11:02 AM

Just to clarify something else... the song was not banned on MTV. They edited it for the USA... but I recall it being played quite a bit back in 1984.

By Dan Lynch | 2 February 2008 8:02 PM

As a huge fan of "Golden Earring" (and a first generation Dutch American), I wish that Golden Earring's music would be used for Barrack Obama instead, since he's the guy I'm supporting.

By Renée | 28 May 2008 8:24 AM

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