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Paedophile site must remove royal photos

Friday 02 November 2007

The royal family is ‘extremely happy’ that the court in Amsterdam has ordered a paedophile association to completely remove photographs of the children of crown prince Willem-Alexander and prince Maurits from its website.

According to yesterday’s court ruling, the photos were a breach of portrait rights and an intrusion into the private lives of the royal family.

The judge said he also took into account the nature of the website which brought children ‘in contact with paedophile desires and behaviour’.

The association will be fined €5,000 every time photos of children of the royal family are placed on the site again, the judge said.

The paedophile association involved claimed that it could not be held responsible for material placed on the site’s public forum but the judge rejected this defence saying there was no reason the organisation could not introduce a system to control what was published.

The judge also ordered the photos to be removed from the site’s ‘deleted’ files even though the association said that only five people had access to this part of the site.

Earlier this week prince Willem-Alexander reacted furiously to the news that photographs of his eldest daughter, three-year-old Amalia, had been placed on the website.

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Readers' Comments

Your article raises a number of questions. It strikes me as extremely odd that for at least the second time in a row, you manage to write a piece on this subject without once mentioning the name of the peodophile association.

Are you trying to protect your readers, the majority of whom I assume are adults? Whatever your reason, this is unnecessary censorship.

By the way, judge did not say that the website brought children 'in contact' with paedophile desires and behaviour, but that it 'connects' or suggests a 'connection' between children and paedophile desires.

You make it sound like children are visiting this website, which I hope is not true.

On a more general note, should we be worried that the precedent set by this Dutch court could make all website owners responsible for the material posted on their sites?

And does this injunction apply to photographs of all children posted on this mysterious paedophile website, or only to photographs of royal children, as they are better and more special than the children of us mere mortals?

By Chas Conway-Stewart | 2 November 2007 10:13 AM

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