Monday 29 May 2017

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Earn doekoe? Manpower withdraws KLM holiday job ad written in slang

Earn doekoe? Manpower withdraws KLM holiday job ad written in slang

Temporary employment giant Manpower has withdrawn an advert for holiday jobs at Schiphol airport after its attempt at street humour fell flat. Critics said the advert had racist overtones because it used black and Moroccan street slang and implied the manual jobs were only suitable for people with an immigrant background. 'Doekoe verdienen met bagage tillen op Schiphol?' (Earn cash carrying baggage at Schiphol), the advert said, in the form of a conversation between two people. 'Kan ik dan die nieuwe patta’s kopen?,' it continued, (Can I buy those new shoes then?). 'Ja man! Je kan naar fissa's gaan, batra's halen en die gucci riem. Gucci alles,' the answer went on. Fissas refers to parties, batras is alcohol and the Gucci belt is obvious. 'We had hoped to reach people at vocational schools by using slang. It was not our intention to cause affront,' marketing director Jeroen van Hooff said in Friday's Volkskrant. 'We got it wrong and we are sorry.' KLM was not aware of the texts. 'We were surprised and not happy,' a spokesman told the paper. Amsterdam youngsters told that the words have been widely adopted in the city's youth culture. 'I always talk about chappen and doekoe,' one said. 'The people complaining obviously don't come from Amsterdam.' Read the complete advert  More >

Pensioners increasingly forced to work

Jobs More pensioners are being forced to take on part-time jobs in order to make ends meet, Trouw has reported. The number of pensioners with extra jobs has tripled to 180,000 since 2003, the paper said. Temps agency 65-plus reports increasing numbers of retirees seeking work in order to top up their income. 'In the past a lot of pensioners came looking for jobs because they wanted to keep busy in their retirement. But now many of them tell us they want a job because they need one financially,' said spokesman Bart Veltman. But not all pensioners are seeking a job for the extra income, research bureau ROA's Didier Fouarge explained. 'Some of them like to keep on working. It keeps them fit.'   More >

More finance sector jobs set to go

Jobs A further 12,600 financial sector jobs are set to disappear this year and in 2018, the government jobs agency UWV said on Tuesday in a new report. Between 2012 and 2016, 27,000 finance sector jobs disappeared, as banks closed branches and switched to internet-based services. At the same time, there is a shortage of finance sector specialists and IT technicians, the UWV said. There are now some 26,000 vacancies, but most are for people with university or college degrees and low-skilled jobs will remain under pressure. Accountants and mortgage advisors in particular are in demand, as are programmers and IT system developers.   More >

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