Work in the Netherlands

Whether or not you are allowed to work in the Netherlands depends on a variety of things, not least of which is your residency status.

Find at more from the immigration service (IND) website

Our partners at Together Abroad can help you with career counseling, hints on making your cv relevant to the Dutch market and general advice on finding a job in the Netherlands.

Be aware of the fact that many Dutch jobs are part-time, that you are unlikely to be offered more than a six month contract to start with and that taxation is high. The 52% rate of income tax starts at around €52,000.

On the up side, on a full-time contract you will get at least 20 paid days holiday a year, holiday pay at the end of May and will be entitled to a variety of different sorts of care leave. Dutch workplaces also tend to be informal and involve staff in decision-making.

For more about Dutch employment law and your rights, check out the information provided by ACCESS.

To brush up your foreign language skills and to learn Dutch, contact our partners at the BSN Language Centre or check out our expat city guides for other language schools. There are literally hundreds of language schools in the Netherlands so it makes sense to ask friends or colleagues for a recommendation.