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NYT: Provocateur's Death Haunts the Dutch

AMSTERDAM — Nothing marks the spot on an unremarkable street in east Amsterdam where on Nov. 2, 2004, Mohammed Bouyeri, a 26-year-old Moroccan Dutchman — saying he was acting to defend the name of Allah — shot dead, then slashed the throat of the Dutch filmmaker, television host and provocateur Theo van Gogh.

Rijksmuseum opens revamped Philips wing with photography show

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum focuses on Modern Times - photography is centre stage in its newly refurbished wing.

Washington Post: The Dutch highway that glows like a jellyfish

On a 500-meter stretch of highway outside Oss — a city about an hour south of Amsterdam — there’s no need for street lights to illuminate the road.

Forbes: A Spin With Afrojack: Inside The Dutch DJ's Car Collection

Nick van de Wall has just finished a late afternoon lunch of sushi and caviar in Rotterdam and has finally decided on his evening plans: attending a Lady Gaga show on the other side of the Netherlands.

Daily Echo: Let's celebr...eight!

Ronals Koeman well and truly disproved the manager of the month hoodoo as his Saints side produced a record-setting display to destroy a woeful Sunderland outfit 8-0.

BBC: The Dutch boy mopping up a sea of plastic

Boyan Slat is a 20-year-old on a mission - to rid the world's oceans of floating plastic. He has dedicated his teenage years to finding a way of collecting it. But can the system really work - and is there any point when so much new plastic waste is still flowing into the sea every day?

Guardian: How Rembrandt dressed his women for death

Simon Schama takes a closer look at two studies in sexual tragedy painted in the very last years of the great master's life.

Video: KLM celebrates its 95th birthday

Waving the flying blue flag: Dutch company KLM was formed way back in 1919 as one of the world's first commercial airlines. (Sponsored feature)

No Smoke, No Mirrors: The Dutch Pension Plan

Imagine a place where pensions were not an ever-deepening quagmire, where the numbers told the whole story and where workers could count on a decent retirement.

Forbes: Going Dutch: Sharing Economy Turns Student Project Into A Global Business

It’s largely thanks to Airbnb’s pioneering efforts that sub-letting spare room space with total strangers is now considered the norm in many parts of the world.

Professional networking in Amsterdam with the AABC

Meet international business organisations in Amsterdam on October 20 for some professional networking at the AABC's annual Meet and Greet event. (Sponsored feature)

WSJ: How many Rembrandts are there?

The Netherlands-based Rembrandt Research Project issues a final volume that says 70 paintings, many of them attributed to Rembrandt followers, are by the master.

Guardian: Ikea kitchens help sell insulation to Dutch

Dutch consortia Energiesprong could give zero carbon retrofits to social homes across England, using innovative wrap-around insulated panels, if EU funding is approved.

Guardian: Death masks and warm smiles

A new exhibition on pain and pleasure in art asks whether the face is truly the mirror of the soul. More than 50 works from the golden age of Dutch painting – on show at the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, the Netherlands – embrace every emotion from despair to lust.

Why letting your property is worth it for expat homeowners

There are several good reasons why it makes sense to rent out your Dutch home to expats if you have to leave the Netherlands. Sponsored feature

Citylab: Dutch Designers Just Made Your Market Look Sorry

A clever combined market and apartment project navigates strict Dutch laws for food and housing.

Guardian: The reason fewer US women cycle than the Dutch is not what you think it is

American women aren’t being put off by a lack of bike lanes but by lives that are disproportionately filled with domestic chores.

Zeeland: Home to a little piece of Scotland

From oysters to medieval towns, from Scottish kings to quiet beaches, the province Zeeland has something for everyone, writes Stephanie Dijkstra.

FT: Marlene Dumas show at the Stedelijk, Amsterdam

A survey of works by the South-African born artist gives reason to why she is perhaps the world’s most interesting figure painter  

The Bold and the Beautiful comes to Amsterdam

The picturesque canals of Amsterdam have long attracted filmmakers and now the city will feature on the small screen as well, as the American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful films in the Dutch capital.

Superdutch goes supersized in psychedelic marketplace

Rotterdam’s new €175m market hall comes complete with apartments looping over it – some peeping out of giant avocado stones. It’s proudly pop, but is it just the Comic Sans of architecture?

Independent: Dutch designer creates lamp powered by octopus bacteria

Teresa van Dongen said she was influenced by bioluminese found in the sea and wanted to harness it to explore new forms of energy.

Scotsman: The Scot who liberated a Dutch town on a bicycle

A SECOND World War veteran has relived the moment he liberated a Dutch town from Nazis – on his bicycle.

It's time to get drinking bok beer: here are six not to miss

It is officially bok beer season in the Netherlands. And there are official rules about these things.

Telegraph: The Dutch garden where tulip bulbs live forever

Hortus Bulborum, a volunteer-run Dutch garden, is dedicated to conserving historic varieties before the vanish for good.

PRI: With the waters rising, the Dutch find eco-friendly ways to keep them at bay

A patch of lowland near the Dutch city of Dordrecht is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or, as Dutch ecologist and dike designer Mindert de Vries puts it, “between a wet and a wetter place” — the Rhine River delta on one side and the North Sea on the other.

NYT: A Dutch Town Honors U.S. Soldiers' Wartime Bravery at Germany's Edge

NIJMEGEN, the Netherlands — When Henny Meijer was 2 years old, his hometown was liberated by American soldiers. Hearing the commotion on the street, his 8-year-old brother ran to greet them with a neighbor — a woman who was handing the Americans orange flowers — when a soldier threw himself on the boy.

Reuters: Startups go Dutch for new era in manufacturing

(Reuters) - Beneath the low beams of a converted warehouse in Amsterdam lives a company with many of the attributes of a Silicon Valley startup, except that at less than a year old it has zero venture capital and says it is already making enough money to sustain itself.

Guardian: Cruyff interview

The Dutch legend, who once tried to block the appointment of Louis van Gaal at Ajax, says Manchester United manager must get the players to develop their games for the sake of the team

NYT: The Dutch Are Back in Town

On Sept. 24, in an avant-garde condo tower that butts up against the High Line, an unusual gallery called Chamber will open in Chelsea. Like a 17th-century cabinet of curiosities, it will be filled with the eclectic treasures of intrepid explorers.

New York Times: The Source of New York's Greatness

Monday is New York’s birthday: 350 years ago, on Sept. 8, 1664, English soldiers took control of the Dutch city of New Amsterdam, on Manhattan Island.

Improving Your Life Through Language

Speaking more than one language fluently is a great addition your skill set, and it is never too late to get started. Sponsored feature

Arnhem's bitcoin boulevard

Bitcoin merchants in Arnhem, the Netherlands have recently become popular as many of the local cafes and shops now accept Bitcoin.

The Return on Investment of my MBA in the Netherlands

Studying for an MBA abroad takes all sorts of investments but the returns are definitely worth it, says Yoony Kim. (sponsored feature)

Video: A drone flight through Amsterdam's new metro

It might be years from opening, but you can check out progress on Amsterdam's new metro in this video. 

Huff Post: Four things you should know about The Hague

"The Hague" conjures up myriad and often mysterious images for people. Some envision international judges in long robes, presiding over somber criminal trials.

Wallpaper: Letter from the Netherlands

When architectural historian Bart Lootsma coined the term Superdutch in 2000 he was highlighting a common thread among the work of 1990s Dutch architects, who achieved great global success and influence through simple yet expressive forms that didn't sacrifice their native spirit of realism. 

NRC: An overview of some of Heineken's finest ads

Heineken turns 150 this year. The Amsterdam based brewery claims to be the world’s most international brewery; its beers are available in 178 countries around the world.

The Economist: Polder and wiser

Dutch farmers add sustainability to their enviable productivity.

Variety: Dutch DJ Tiesto Traffics in Hits on 'Paradise'

A consistent presence near the top of Forbes’ rankings of the most fiscally successful DJs, and a tireless performer at fests and residencies, Dutch veteran Tiesto released “A Town called Paradis” this summer, his first proper album since 2009’s “Kaleidoscope.”

Daily Mail: Tulips from Amsterdam

They may look like an abstract painting, or even microscope slides, but these coloured straight lines are made of tulips. A nature photographer has captured bright aerials of tulip fields in the outskirts of Amsterdam to reveal their geometric perfection.  

Guardian: Frans Br├╝ggen key figure in Holland's early music scene

Frans Brüggen, a conductor and key figure in Holland’s early music scene, has died at the age of 79.

Video: Bicycle anecdotes from Amsterdam

A 10-minute film featuring the city of bikes, including cycling tips and an answer to the question 'is there a method in the madness'.

Guardian: The urbanist's guide to Amsterdam: 'It can be wild, so public urinals abound.'

Jennifer Lenhart of the Urban Observer imparts the joys of Amsterdam and explains why there's more to the capital of the Netherlands than bicycles, boats and booze

10 things you didn't know about renting an apartment in Amsterdam

You are bound to have lots of questions when it comes to renting an apartment. Here is a top 10 of things you might not think about, but that you really need to know, compiled by the experts at Perfect Housing. (Sponsored feature)

Word Sauce: MH17 & Gaza; A Note To The Internet

Let me start by saying I'm Dutch. We as a nation faced a severe loss this week, a loss that will leave its traces in our society.

Global memories: an expat archive

The Expatriate Archive Centre in The Hague is preserving a global memory of expat lives, writes Molly Quell.

Economist: The MH17 crisis: a wake-up call

Like most of Europe, the Netherlands went along half-heartedly with efforts to impose retaliatory sanctions on Moscow, and among the Dutch public there was a tendency to treat the Ukrainian conflict as an ethnolinguistic clash or a Russian-American power contest.

I Slept Next to the Wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

Journalist Olaf Koens' experiences on the crash site in Ukraine

NYT: The Problem With Collective Grief

The Dutch mourn flight 17's victims in their own sober way.

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