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Video: How Amsterdam grew in the 19th century

Amsterdam's city archivists have come up with a new film, this time showing how the city grew between 1800 and 1900.

What to do with the kids over Easter?

With a lot of school holidays coming up, Esther O'Toole has some suggestions to keep your offspring amused.

Greek start-ups go orange

The Orange Grove initiative is a Dutch-Greek start-up which aims to stem the brain drain and reduce youth unemployment, writes Maria Vasileiou.

BBC: Glow in the dark road unveiled in the Netherlands

Glow in the dark road markings have been unveiled on a 500m stretch of highway in the Netherlands.

Do Dutch lotteries appeal to expats?

Lotteries are and have been a popular form of entertainment for centuries, and especially in times of crisis are welcomed by many as a potential way to 'escape the misery'. Sponsored feature

NYT blog: One baby, five nationalities

Our son has the right to American, French, German and Canadian citizenships and when he turns 18, he could also become Dutch. 

NY Times: How to think like the Dutch in a post Sandy world

In December 2012, Shaun Donovan, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, was on vacation in Berlin when he decided to detour to the Netherlands.

Cycling in the King's footsteps

Cycle along past the most important places in King Willem-Alexander’s life and enjoy some unique Dutch scenery at the same time! Sponsored feature

NYT: Countdown to 2014 World Cup in Brazil

To call Guus Hiddink peripatetic would be an understatement. He has coached in his native Netherlands, as well as Turkey, Spain, South Korea, England, Australia, Russia and Chechnya (and do not forget his 28 games as a player in the old North American Soccer League).

The Guardian: The world's weirdest photo albums

From 1980s images of a Chinese woman with her TV to endless shots of a black dog on a black sofa, Dutch publisher Erik Kessels' collections of 'found photographs' are beautiful, surreal – and unsettling.

CSM: In Amsterdam, web archaeologists excavate a digital city

Dutch researchers are trying to reconstruct a social-media platform from 1994, raising questions over how to preserve humanity's digital heritage.

Independent: Dutch counterfeiting ring's £30m swindle behind decision to replace £1 coin

Fake-currency plant in Amsterdam - its owner now arrested - was as sophisticated as Royal Mint

Guardian: Netherlands cleared over cricket claim

The Netherlands have been cleared of wrongdoing by the International Cricket Council over accusations from their young all-rounder Tim Gruijters that he was "forced and bullied" out of their World Twenty20 squad to make way for Tom Cooper, an Australian all-rounder.

PBS Newshour: What can the Dutch teach the U.S. about selling pot?

As Colorado and Washington begin selling legal marijuana, questions remain about the practical process of changing drug policy. NewsHour travels to the Netherlands -- the one nation that's been openly selling pot for over forty years -- to see what might be in store for the United States. Correspondent Wiliam Brangham and producer Saskia de Melker report.

Treehugger: Bicycle role model Barbie: Dutch, of course

For many, signaling which way you are turning while on a bicycle is second nature.Some Dutch Barbies agree.

NYT: Treasure Hunting at a Dutch Fair

MAASTRICHT, THE NETHERLANDS — Some art market booms are more equal than others. Back in the 1980s, when the Japanese were spending hundreds of millions on art, Old Masters were often more expensive than the most desirable works by 20th-century artists.

Huff Post: Zaandam Is The Little Dutch Town Of Your Dreams

Oh, you know, we're just talking about our brand new obsession-because-it's-adorable, Zaandam, which is technically a neighborhood of everyone's favorite city, Amsterdam.

Dutch Streets Adopt Cryptocurrency, Become 'Bitcoin Boulevard'

It is the home of the Dutch royals, a number of international war criminals and, seasonally, to masses of photo-taking tourists, but the Hague in the Netherlands will soon be a hotspot for bitcoin enthusiasts, too.

Washington Post: As US states allow pot sales, Dutch reverse course

MAASTRICHT, Netherlands — A young man at a bus stop hisses at a passer-by: “What you looking for ... marijuana?” It’s a scene of street peddling that the Netherlands hoped to stamp out in the 1970s when it launched a policy of tolerating “coffee shops” where people could buy and smoke pot freely.

NRC: The secret role of the Dutch in the American war on terror

They are spectacular images: the deep blue sea, the shafts of light from the sinking sun, the dark silhouettes of the mountains on the Somali coast, the six pirates on the prow of the wooden boat, holding their arms in the air.

The Dutch revolution in journalism

Blendle is a small journalism startup from The Netherlands. Recently, we (two 27-year old founders) got all the major newspapers and magazines in the country to start a revolutionary experiment.

BBC: Speed skating: GB team launches with long-term bid to catch Dutch

Dutch speed skaters obliterated their opposition at the Olympics.

Telegraph: World Cup 2014: Holland and the Total Football trauma

Marking the birth of Total Football, the 1974 World Cup made Dutch football famous. But the tournament also traumatised the Dutch. With the ghost of 1974's lost final constantly haunting Oranje, will the Dutch ever be No 1?

Master Dutch painter revolutionised fire-fighting

As the Wassenaar Brandweermuseum prepares to celebrate the man behind the modern fire hose, Tracy Brown Hamilton discovers the impact of his invention.

Guardian: Dutch speed skaters' utter dominance worries beaten rivals

After the Netherlands took their medal total to an extraordinary 23 of the total of 36 on offer in the sport in Sochi, the international federation has said it will look into the programme.

Guardian: Anne Frank books damaged in Tokyo vandal attacks

Copies of The Diary of a Young Girl and associated books found with pages torn out in what appears to be a concerted campaign

Telegraph: Battle in the bike lanes of Amsterdam

Speeding riders on souped-up scooters are at war with the cyclists of the capital of the Netherlands.

Reuters: A Silver Lining to Euro-Skepticism

Many euro-skeptic treatises, like the report last week saying the Netherlands would be better off quitting the European Union, are exaggerated and unconvincing.

Creative Review: Amsterdam's identity update causes controversy

Edenspiekermann announced a major update to the identity system for the City of Amsterdam last week, but the project’s merits have been overshadowed by a public debate about its six-figure cost.

The Economist: Dutch skaters on Russian ice

Saturday afternoon presented a typical scene at the local skating rink in Haarlem: a synchronised peloton of long-limbed Dutch Mercuries, aged 15 to 70, whipping around the inner lane of the regulation 400-metre (1,312 feet) circuit, while a couple hundred of us clumsy mortals straggled along the periphery.

Vermeer's paintings contain secret messages of love

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Tracy Brown Hamilton looks at the romantic messages hidden in some of Vermeer's masterpieces.

AP: Prostitute museum opens in Amsterdam

On any given evening, thousands of tourists stroll down the narrow canal-side streets of Amsterdam's famed Red Light District, gawking at ladies in lingerie who work behind windows, making a living selling sex for money.

BBC: Europe floods: What can we learn from the Dutch?

As much of Europe battles floods from excess rain and rising tides, one country has developed a sophisticated network of dams to cope with the problem.

An MBA is not a degree

An MBA is an integral part of ongoing personal development, not just a piece of paper, says Christo Nel of Nyenrode Business Universiteit.(Sponsored feature)

NYT: A Dutch Jihadist in Syria Speaks, and Blogs

Last summer, a Dutch public television producer scanning the Internet for information on foreign fighters in Syria stumbled on something he had never seen before: Instagram photos of a man wearing the uniform of the Royal Netherlands Army who appeared to be fighting alongside Islamist rebels against government forces.

Miami Herald: Photo prompted Dutch woman to learn fate of Jewish children refugees

Dutch pianist Miriam Keesing never expected to research Jewish emigrant children who fled Germany for the Netherlands between 1938 and 1940.

Washington Post: Dutch have it all to dominate the Olympic oval

BRUSSELS — There is nothing more mythical in Dutch sports than an age-old 11-city race skating across lakes and canals in bone-numbing cold from dawn to dusk. No wonder the Netherlands is the greatest speedskating nation in the world.

Huff Post: Every Street In This Dutch Neighborhood Has A Lord Of The Rings Name, Which Is Awesome

LOTR fans, your dream hath cometh true. There is a town in the Netherlands called Geldrop, and it's got a neighborhood where every street is named after a resident of Middle-earth.

From tea to e-readers: English bookshops in the Netherlands

English bookshops in the Netherlands have embraced a range of ideas to keep one step ahead of the competition, writes Ana McGinley.

Huff Post: A shaggy dog story

Guide dogs aren't only for people who have difficulty seeing, they're also for those "who have seen too much." That's the premise illustrated in a powerful new ad from the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation, a nonprofit in the Netherlands that trains and places assistance dogs where they're needed

Irish Independent: The Dutch Master

How Sir Dennis changed British football

DNAinfo Chigago: The Sochi Project Displays Troubling Side of Olympic City at DePaul Museum

The Dutch creators behind "The Sochi Project", a photographer and writer who spent five years going door-to-door reporting in the region, have since been banned from returning to Russia.

Guardian: How van Gogh's Sunflowers came into bloom

Van Gogh's Sunflowers are among the most famous paintings in the world. As two of the originals are shown in the National Gallery, Frances Spalding looks back at the uproar and anguish they provoked

Time: Laura Dekker Sailed Around World - and she brought a camera

The footage filmed became the new documentary Maidentrip  

The Netherlands is cycling in suits, ridiculous stairs and paracetamol

The Netherlands sells itself as a country of tulips, windmills, cheese and clogs, but that is not how international workers see it.

Video: Cycling with former Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen

Volunteer documentary makers CyclingWith have interviewed former Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen as he cycled off to a city meeting.

10 politicians who made a difference

With both local and European elections taking place this spring, the Netherlands by Numbers has drawn up a list of 10 Dutch politicians who made a difference.

C/Net: Barilla wants to 3D print your pasta

A collaboration between pasta-maker Barilla and research organisation TNO envisions restaurants where you can 3D print your own pasta shapes for a custom meal.

Video: Amsterdammers are happy

Amsterdammers put together their version of Pharrell William's Happy. At 47 minutes, it is not quite as long as the original.

BBC: Amsterdam alcoholics paid in beer for collecting litter

Alcoholics are being paid in beer to clean the streets of Amsterdam as part of a project partly funded by the Dutch government - the organisers think other countries should abandon "old-fashioned political correctness" and adopt the same approach.

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