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Columns - Giles Scott-Smith

photo Giles Scott-SmithGiles Scott-Smith is a historian and international relations scholar working in Middelburg and Leiden, and has been a resident of the Netherlands since 1996. He runs the Holland Bureau website and is the proud holder of two passports.

Spy vs. 'Spy'

There is more than meets the eye to the latest internet spy revelations, says Giles Scott-Smith of The Holland Bureau.

Damage Limitation..or Damage Creation

The joke at the moment is that while the US has eavesdropped on 35 world leaders, Mark Rutte wasn’t on the list because the Netherlands has collapsed into insignificance in recent years, writes Giles Scott-Smith

The Holland Bureau: Netherlands-Russia I: Strange Times

Since Shell were re-admitted to the Sakhalin oil and gas fields, and a nice piece of cultural diplomacy around the same time saw the opening of the Hermitage in Amsterdam, Dutch-Russian relations have been fairly good, writes Giles Scott-Smith

The Holland Bureau: Cutting the AIVD: Provincialism over Protection

As the VVD-PvdA coalition agreement goes through the process of party and parliamentary deliberation, some significant issues are coming out, particularly the likely effect on the security services, writes Giles Scott-Smith of The Holland Bureau.

The Holland Bureau: Trade not aid

The new foreign affairs minister is one of the smartest guys in the cabinet, says Giles Scott-Smith of The Holland Bureau.

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