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Little Orange Dress

Friday 18 June 2010

Which Dutch beer company is it that is not an official sponsor of the World Cup? writes Hanneke Sanou.

Letter of apology from Bavaria to be published in all newspapers:

Dear Fifa,

Although the management of Bavaria resent the accusation made by Fifa and another beer maker that Bavaria have impinged on the rights of said beer maker, Bavaria have decided to send the so-called ‘Bavaria Babes’ home to the Netherlands.

The girls, as you can imagine, are heartbroken, and so are we at Bavaria. We do not feel we, Bavaria, have done anything wrong. All Bavaria have done is bring a little cheer to the boys who are doing their best to take our country to the finals and, by all accounts, to the millions of people all over the world who have been watching the games so far.

At no point have the girls initiated chants ‘Bavaria, Bavaria, Bavaria is best’ or ‘Bavaria, the beer of champions’, nor did their dress show any connection with our brand (Bavaria).

We, at Bavaria, are very sad to have to deprive the public of this innocent and light hearted representation of Dutch high spirits.

We are sorry if Bavaria have caused offence and we, at Bavaria, have now effectively put an end to any suggestion of a link between the world championship and Bavaria.

Yours respectfully, The Bavaria management.

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Readers' Comments

LOL this was SUCH a massive own goal by FIFA. I bet that 10 times as many people have heard of Bavaria via FIFA's decision to make such a fuss about it, as people who became aware of Bavaria directly due to the Bavaria babes :-D

I'm sure Bavaria calculated just as much, and FIFA walked headlong into the trap!!

By Masum | 24 June 2010 12:03 PM

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