A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

The New York Times: Building ‘Conflict-Free’ Smartphones

 Founded in Amsterdam early last year, Fairphone is a smartphone maker with a difference. Its handset incorporates some technological advances — for example a dual SIM card option that allows it to work simultaneously with two providers and two numbers — but the company has no ambition to rival Apple or Samsung. (more…)  More >

Sydney Morning Herald: Going Dutch in style

If you didn't know it was there, you could easily miss it. Located just beyond the Royal Palace and divided by the canal belt is a small grid of side streets that is home to Amsterdam's best boutique shopping district, the Nine Streets. Renowned for its concentration of Dutch designers, vintage clothing and pop-up boutiques, the area was once the treasured shopping secret of locals, fashionistas and hotel concierges. (more…)  More >

The Economist: Johnson: Spreek je Dutch?

The signs at the airport should be reassuring. Welcome to the Netherlands! What could be easier to figure out? Dutch has been rightly described as between German and English, which means that while all three are closely related west Germanic languages, Dutch is closer to English. (Frisian, spoken on a string of islands along the coast, is even closer.)  (more…)  More >

New York Times: A National Team Without a Country

The 18 Eritrean refugees arrived in this picturesque, blue-collar Dutch city 20 miles east of Rotterdam earlier this month looking for safety, security and, finally, after 18 months of fear and uncertainty in two refugee camps on two continents, a home.  (more…)  More >

Dutch artists chart emotional map of Philly

Dutch artists Esther Polak and Ivar van Bekkum are visiting Philadelphia for the first time. Instead of using maps to find a good restaurant or learn the history of an old building, the couple from The Netherlands are creating their own subjective map of the city. (more…)  More >

Seattle Times: Going Dutch in Holland’s countryside

Today my longtime Dutch friends, Hans and Marjet, are driving me to polder country — the vast fields reclaimed from the sea where cows graze, tiny canals function as fences, and only church spires and windmills interrupt the horizon. (more…)  More >

Reuters: World Cup 2014 – Dutch fit and raring to go

Dutch coach Louis van Gaal expressed his satisfaction with the fitness of his squad as they continue with their World Cup preparations and said he had already decided on the bulk of his selection for Brazil. (more…)  More >

NRC: 10 rules for interviewing Louis van Gaal

Dear British football journalists, congratulations on obtaining Louis van Gaal. From this moment on, you will be patronised, looked at with disdain, and haunted by a constant doubt if Mr. Van Gaal is flat out making fun of you or being deadly serious. (more…)  More >

Fashion United: Amsterdam is THE denim capital

Kingpins] was something we really missed in Europe,” said Barbara Gnutti, exports manager for Italian denim supplier ITV Denim, during the opening of the first European edition of Kingpins, the boutique denim sourcing trade fair. (more…)  More >