A round up of the best stories about the Netherlands and all things Dutch from leading international publications

NYT: The Dutch Are Back in Town

On Sept. 24, in an avant-garde condo tower that butts up against the High Line, an unusual gallery called Chamber will open in Chelsea. Like a 17th-century cabinet of curiosities, it will be filled with the eclectic treasures of intrepid explorers. (more…)  More >

Arnhem’s bitcoin boulevard

Bitcoin merchants in Arnhem, the Netherlands have recently become popular as many of the local cafes and shops now accept Bitcoin. (more…)  More >

Wallpaper: Letter from the Netherlands

When architectural historian Bart Lootsma coined the term Superdutch in 2000 he was highlighting a common thread among the work of 1990s Dutch architects, who achieved great global success and influence through simple yet expressive forms that didn't sacrifice their native spirit of realism.  (more…)  More >

Variety: Dutch DJ Tiesto Traffics in Hits on ‘Paradise’

A consistent presence near the top of Forbes’ rankings of the most fiscally successful DJs, and a tireless performer at fests and residencies, Dutch veteran Tiesto released “A Town called Paradis” this summer, his first proper album since 2009’s “Kaleidoscope.” (more…)  More >

Daily Mail: Tulips from Amsterdam

They may look like an abstract painting, or even microscope slides, but these coloured straight lines are made of tulips. A nature photographer has captured bright aerials of tulip fields in the outskirts of Amsterdam to reveal their geometric perfection.   (more…)  More >

Economist: The MH17 crisis: a wake-up call

Like most of Europe, the Netherlands went along half-heartedly with efforts to impose retaliatory sanctions on Moscow, and among the Dutch public there was a tendency to treat the Ukrainian conflict as an ethnolinguistic clash or a Russian-American power contest. (more…)  More >

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Social Europe Journal: Did the Dutch start the end of social Europe?

The Dutch government’s recent announcement that the welfare state will be substituted by an undefined “participative society” may be the news story of the year — or at least deserves to be. No doubt the headlines oversimplify as usual. But the alarm is sounding. (more…)  More >

NYT: Dutch Higher Education Policy Refocuses on Quality

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — When the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, was deputy minister of education, from 2004 to 2006, the government was committed to the so-called Lisbon Strategy, which aimed to make the European Union a competitive knowledge economy. (more…)  More >