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About DutchNews.nl

DutchNews.nl is the leading provider of quality Dutch news in English for an international audience.

Some 18,000 people read DutchNews.nl every day, either online or through a free subscription to its daily digital newsletter.

DutchNews.nl was founded in 2006.

Editorial policy

Our aim is to provide broad coverage of the main Dutch news so that non-Dutch speakers are kept up to date with events. This means we cover all sorts of news, from politics and economic developments to crime and sport.

Our news copy is based on our own years of experience, media coverage, press releases and Dutch newspaper articles and we try to credit and link to our sources as much as possible.

We see our job not only to inform but to explain current events in the Netherlands, so we try to include background where relevant.

Comment and features

Our opinion section includes our own editorials, articles by third parties and translations of pieces published by other Dutch media. All our translations are made with the approval of the writer and copyright holder.

We occasionally produce our own features and are open to relevant, news-based suggestions.

We do not accept 'free' copy on principle. Commercial organisations wishing to publish sponsored content should contact advertising@dutchnews.nl.

Dutch News BV

DutchNews.nl is published by Dutch News BV, an independent publishing company based in Amsterdam.

Dutch News BV runs a collection of websites which cater to English-speaking professionals in the Netherlands, including DutchNews.nl, Expats in Amsterdam and expat-focused sites in 12 other cities.

Dutch News BV publishes special pdf newsletters to cover the elections, the government's annual budget presentation and other significant events.

Dutch News BV also publishes books. These include A Dictionary of Dutchness, which explains the jargon and acronyms used in everyday Dutch life. Two other books will be published in late 2013. For further information click here.


For editorial matters, please contact Robin Pascoe
Mobile: 06 45241999
Email: editor@dutchnews.nl

For information about advertising, please contact advertising@dutchnews.

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