Friday 13 December 2019

Finance companies sign deal with unions, freelancers to get equal rights,

Finance companies sign deal with unions, freelancers to get equal rights,

Several companies operating in the financial sector are planning to improve the position of freelancers and people on flexible contracts, the Financieele Dagblad reported on Tuesday. Bank ING and insurance groups Achmea, Nationale Nederland, ASR and VGZ are poised to sign a code of conduct with the unions in which they agree to treat flexible workers in a similar way to regular staff, the paper said. In total the deal will cover some 10,000 self employed and workers on flexible... More >

Disabled worse off despite UN Convention

People with disabilities and the chronically ill are poorer, and still finding it difficult to access care, support and special education despite the ratification of the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by the Netherlands in 2016. The findings are part of a report compiled by five special interest groups who call themselves the Alliance UN Convention and is based on interviews with people with disabilities as well as specialist organisations and a survey. The report states... More >

Bar, restaurant staff shortages grow

A shortage of staff is now affecting a record 35% of cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels in the Netherlands, according to new figures from nationals statistics agency CBS. The situation is even more acute in Amsterdam, where almost 40% of cafes and bars say they don’t have sufficient workers. There are now around 23,000 vacancies in the hospitality sector, compared with just 6,700 in 2013 as the Netherlands emerged from the financial crisis. Some cafes and bars are even being... More >

'Do something' for welfare plan under fire

Local authorities and the government’s SCP think-tank have criticised the government’s plan to make sure people claiming welfare benefits ‘do something’ in return for their money. Junior social affairs minister Tamara van Ark told MPs earlier this week that local authorities will have to make sure that everyone claiming welfare benefits either works for their money, gets training or is actively being helped to find a job. A the moment councils, which are responsible for welfare benefits (bijstand), take different... More >

Freelance architects get own pay deal

Freelance architects have become the first self-employed group in the country to have a pay deal governing how much they should earn, the Financieele Dagblad reported on Wednesday. When the agreement comes into effect, freelance architects who work for another bureau must be paid 150% of the gross salary of someone doing a similar job internally.  The negotiators opted for 150% to cover freelance costs, such as healthcare, pensions and insurance. The aim of the deal is to stop unfair... More >

More women are economically independent

An increasing number of Dutch women are economically independent but 38% still do not earn enough to support themselves, according to a new report by the national statistics office CBS. In total, 62% of women who are not in education have an income at least equal to the minimum wage for a single person – or around €960 a month. Some 80% of men have enough income to be considered independent, the CBS figures show. At the same time, women... More >

Disability job plan flops, think-tank says

A government scheme to integrate long-term welfare claimants and people with mental and physical disabilities into the regular workforce has largely failed, according to the socio-cultural think-tank SCP. There has been little change in the number of welfare claimants finding work since the project began in 2015 and people who used to work via sheltered employment schemes now find it much harder to get a job at all, the SCP said. And while more youngsters with some form of disability... More >