Tuesday 23 July 2019

Home ownership no longer a real option for the average person: Telegraaf

Home ownership no longer a real option for the average person: Telegraaf

Buying a home is twice as expensive as it was in the 1990s, with home owners now spending nine times their average salary on a property, Rabobank economists have told the Telegraaf. In the 1990s, an average home cost four to five times the average salary, the paper said. House prices have risen much more than salaries, meaning home owners have to spend a bigger chunk of their life’s earnings on a property. ‘Home ownership may be considered normal but... More >

Newly built homes soar 10% in price

The average cost of a newly-built home in the Netherlands has soared 10% over the past year, compared with an 8% rise for existing properties, national statistics agency CBS said on Monday. The cost of newly-built homes has now outstripped older housing for the past 18 months, the CBS said. The agency bases its claim on figures from the Kadaster land registry office. Last week, real estate agent association NVM warned that the government’s decision to phase out the use... More >

Fines for illegal social housing sublets

Housing minister Kajsa Ollongren has published a package of measures to stop people in social housing illegally subletting their homes and which, she says, will make it easier for people on lower incomes to find somewhere to live. In particular, the maximum fine for people caught illegally renting out social housing will go up four-fold to €83,000 by next July. Between 10% and 20% of the rent-controlled property owned by housing corporations in Amsterdam may be being illegally sublet, the... More >

Amsterdam warns about Airbnb legal advice

Amsterdam is one of 10 European cities which have asked the EU for more support in their campaign to reduce holiday rentals via websites such as Airbnb. The cities have sounded the alarm now the advocate general of the European Court of Justice has said Airbnb should be seen as an information provider and cannot be held responsible for landlords’ compliance with holiday letting rules. Airbnb, the advocate general said in April, should be seen as an online service connecting... More >