Wednesday 23 June 2021

Man faces charges of abusing seven children under the age of 12

Man faces charges of abusing seven children under the age of 12

A 34-year-old man from the staunchly Protestant town of Bunschoten is facing charges of sexually abusing seven children, the public prosecution department said on Tuesday. The man was arrested at the end of December on suspicion of abusing two children from within his ‘personal sphere’ but five other charges have now been added, the department said. All the victims, both boys and girls, are under the age of 12. Three of them may have been abused by the man when... More >

Marken teen death: car driver fined

The 28-year-old German national who killed a 14-year-old girl after driving over her in the dark will not face charges relating to her death. Tamar, from the former island of Marken left her home after a row about bedtimes and was killed by a car on a dyke road in July last year. Forensic tests have shown that the girl was lying on the road when she was run over, although it is not clear if she had fallen or... More >

Coronavirus support open to fraud: NRC

The lack of checks on coronavirus support requests last year allowed fraudsters to get away with millions of euros, with little prospect of clawing back the cash, investigators with the public prosecution department have told the NRC. Marjolein Verwiel and Nelleke Klip are particularly critical of the TVL ruling, which allowed companies to claim help with paying their fixed costs. The government paid an advance, often running into tens of thousands of euros, based on information that companies filled in... More >

Seven Limburg police to appear in court

The Maastricht public prosecution office is taking legal action against seven police officers and former officers of a Limburg police force for crimes which scuppered ten investigations, local broadcaster Limburg1 reports. The officers allegedly used violence against suspects, filed false reports, conducted irregular searches of homes and fabricated evidence. Because of their action, cases had to be dropped rather than taken to court, the broadcaster quoted the public prosecution department as saying. All officers worked at the Horst-Peel and Maas... More >

Russian hackers accessed NL police: VK

Hackers allied to the Russian security service SVR were able to get into the Dutch police system in 2017 while the investigation into the downing of flight MH17 was underway, the Volkskrant said on Tuesday. The hack was not noticed by the police, but did come to light thanks to information from the Dutch security service AIVD, the paper said. The hack led to ‘major panic’ because of the MH17 probe, the paper said. It bases the claim on conversations... More >

Four arrested in Polish shop blast inquiry

Police have arrested four men in connection with a series of explosions at Polish supermarkets. The public prosecution service said the suspects, aged 20 to 26 and all from Amsterdam, had been detained during May as part of the investigation. A 19-year-old man who was arrested and released in January remains a suspect. The public prosecution service said the youngest of the four suspects was arrested in France on a European arrest warrant and handed over to Dutch authorities. The... More >

Youth crime down but weapons more common

Youth crime has declined in the last five years, but there has been an increase in some serious offences such as theft and manslaughter, according to latest figures. The rate of decline slowed following a sharp drop-off between 2007 and 2016, when the number of young adults (aged 18 to 23) recorded as criminal suspects halved from 51 per 1,000 to 25. The number of juvenile suspects fell even faster, from 44 per 1,000 to 17 over the same period.... More >