Tuesday 20 August 2019

Fake sex dating site victims to share €9m compensation

Fake sex dating site victims to share €9m compensation

Some 37,000 people who lost money on fake dating sites will share €9m in compensation agreed by the company behind the sites, Dutch consumer authority ACM said on Tuesday. The sites operated by The Right Link allowed users to exchange messages with potential dates, costing between 60 cents and €1 a time. But many of the people posing as dates worked for the company and had been told to keep people in conversation for as long as possible. Some users... More >

Terror gang 'could have made explosives'

The alleged terrorist cell busted after an undercover operation last September had enough fertilizer and other chemicals to create 500 grammes of explosives, the public prosecution department said at a pro-forma court hearing on Monday. That would have been enough to create a ‘major’ explosion, the prosecutor told the court. Police said at the time of the arrests they had foiled a major terrorist attack but it remains unclear what event the gang was planning to disrupt. The department began... More >

Dog walker murder suspect confesses

The student suspected of murdering three people who were out walking their dogs earlier this year has confessed to the killings. Thijs H was appearing in court for a procedural hearing, during which he said that he had been instructed by voices in his head to carry out the crimes. H also told the court he would cooperate fully with plans to send him to the Pieter Baan psychiatric clinic for an assessment. H, who is studying for a Master’s... More >

Draughts coach faces child porn charges

A Dutch draughts coach and tournament organiser faces legal action after he was caught filming guests having showers while staying at his home, RTL Nieuws said on Wednesday. The camera was spotted in the shower by a guest from Belarus who was attending an international draughts tournament. The suspect, named as Henk S from Culemborg, is known to have offered places to stay to players attending the competitions. He was arrested in June and since then, more reports have been... More >

Mystery murdered woman to be buried

A woman found naked and shot dead in a Zeeland field seven weeks ago will be buried in Terneuzen on Tuesday, without an answer about who she is, police said at the weekend. The woman’s body was found by a farmer on June 22, and despite 174 tips, police have still failed to identify her. The woman was naked, with no jewelry and no tattoos or personal possessions. She was aged 50 to 65, is white and has red hair.... More >