Tuesday 07 April 2020

Teacher assaulted during online class

Some 30 secondary school pupils in Naaldwijk witnessed their teacher being assaulted by a man thought to be her partner last week as she was conducting an online class, the Telegraaf reported. The paper based its story on sources around the school and a letter in its possession. The incident, which was recorded and shared on Whatsapp among groups of students, took place on Thursday afternoon when pupils at the ISW Hoogeland school in Naaldwijk were having a lesson via... More >

Criminal cases are piling up, lawyers say

Lawyers are calling for an immediate end to the closure of all court rooms because the number of cases put on hold indefinitely is reaching unacceptable levels. The plea to open up the courts comes after an earlier call by Dutch criminal lawyers association NVSA to close all courts except for urgent cases. All courts were effectively closed from mid-March to stop the spread of coronavirus, apart for cases bound by legal deadlines. However, the number of criminal cases is... More >

Police take corona fraudsters off line

Dutch police have taken 10 web shops off line in a move to prevent internet fraud connected with coronavirus and warn this type of fraud may increase. The shops, offering products from anti-bacterial bank cards, COVID tracker apps and face masks, are just some of the corona-related scams that are currently being operated by cyber criminals, police said. Some of the 10 fraudulent shops had hijacked the names of well-known shops while others were completely fake. Cyber crime has not... More >

250 fined for breaking 1.5 metre rule

In total, police fined more than 250 people for breaking the rules on social distancing between March 26 and March 29, according to new police figures. Most of the fines, which can mount up to €400 per person, were issued to groups who were not keeping the regulation 1.5 metres apart. Some of the fines were issued after concerned locals alerted the police and there are several apps and other local initiatives being set up to report illegal groups, according... More >

Police arrest Etten-Leur dad after deaths

Dutch police say they have arrested the man they want to question in connection with the death of four people at a house in the Brabant town of Etten-Leur. The 33-year-old man was arrested after being spotted by passersby walking along the A58 in the town itself, police said in a statement. A woman, grandmother and two small children, thought to be girls aged two and six, were found dead in the terraced house in the village near Breda on... More >

Thieves take ventilators from car in Breda

Car thieves have stolen six sets of breathing apparatus in Breda, a city with one of the highest levels of coronavirus in the Netherlands. Police said the thieves also took sports clothes and a bank card and appeared to have been on the hunt for cash. Two suspects aged 41 and 49 have been arrested. The theft was discovered by the owner of the car, a local businessman, at 7am on Monday, after he saw that his bank card had... More >

Police seize 1.2 tonnes of cocaine

Police and customs officials based at Rotterdam port have seized a total of 1.2 tonnes of cocaine since Friday, the public prosecution department said on Monday. Most of the cocaine – 1.17 tonnes – was found hidden in a container packed with mangoes from Brazil. The consignment was due to be delivered to a company in Zwaag. Two other small shipments were found in refrigerated containers from Brazil containing lime juice. They were both heading for a company in Rotterdam.... More >