Monday 23 November 2020

Threatening letter total rises to 17

Threatening letters containing white powder have been send to two new locations in the Netherlands, news website said on Thursday. One letter was sent to an address on the Prinsengracht in central Amsterdam, another to a hospital in Roermond. The new sendings take the total number of threatening letters currently known about to 17. Police would not say which building in Amsterdam was targeted in the latest mailing. One letter is now known to have contained a harmless quantity... More >

Number of suspicious packages rises to 15

Four more threatening letters have been sent to business addresses in Amsterdam and Leusden, near Utrecht, bringing the total to 15. The letters contained small quantities of an unnamed powder and appear to be linked to 11 packages that were delivered to hospitals, hotels and a newspaper office on Tuesday. Nobody was injured, police said. One of Wednesday’s packages was sent to a hospital in Amsterdam. Police said they were following up a number of leads. Police have not disclosed... More >

Threatening letter total rises to 11

Threatening letters containing an unnamed powder were actually sent to 11 different locations throughout the Netherlands on Tuesday, police have now confirmed. In total, six different locations in Amsterdam were targeted, including an office used by DGP journalists and two hotels. In Rotterdam, letters were sent to a hospital and DGP office, in Best, the DPG print works was targeted while a letter was also sent to an office used by the Nederlands Dagblad in Amersfoort. The exact destination of... More >

Stepfather faces six years jail for abuse

A man from Zeeland who sexually abused his stepdaughters and prostituted them out to strangers should be jailed for six years followed by psychiatric prison, the public prosecution department told judges in Middelburg on Monday. Pascal P, 47, from Aardenburg is said to have forced at least one of the girls to have sex hundreds of times with strangers, at a car park in Zeeland and at four Belgian swingers clubs. She was drugged using sleeping pills, ghb and alcohol... More >

No blanket refusal of arrest warrants

An advisor to the EU’s high court has said that the Netherlands cannot automatically refuse extradition requests from Poland. The district court in Amsterdam referred the issue to the Court of Justice earlier this year after refusing to extradite two Polish nationals on the grounds that the Polish judicial system was no longer independent.  This, the Amsterdam court said, meant it could not guarantee the right of a fair trial to anyone extradited there. ‘No matter how thought-provoking the solution... More >

Man arrested in Saudi embassy probe

Police have arrested a 40-year-old man in connection with Thursday morning’s attack on the Saudi embassy in The Hague. The man was arrested in Zoetermeer late on Thursday afternoon but police have not released any more details about him, or the possible motive. The embassy itself has issued a warning to Saudi nationals in the Netherlands to be vigilant following the shooting, and has describe the incident as a ‘cowardly attack’. The embassy was hit by some 20 bullets in... More >

Amsterdam weapons amnesty starts well

A month-long campaign in Amsterdam and Diemen to encourage people to hand in weapons resulted in 336 guns, knives and other items being turned over to the police in the first week. The haul to date includes 68 illegal guns and 34 fake guns, 30 air pistols and thousands of pieces of ammunition. Knives, swords, tasers and knuckledusters have also been turned in. ‘We are extremely happy with the result so far. Every weapon which has been taken off the... More >

Dutch Cali cartel member arrested in Spain

Spanish police have arrested a Dutch national working for the Cali cartel, one of Colombia’s most notorious drug syndicates, following the raid on a villa in the coastal town of Marbella. The man, a Dutch national of Colombian descent, is said to represent the cartel in Europe, particularly in the UK and the Netherlands, Spanish media report. The man, accused of large-scale money laundering, had been on the Interpol wanted list for years, La Razon said, and had fled the... More >