Thursday 27 January 2022

German police arrest Dutchman at head of gang of luxury car thieves

German police arrest Dutchman at head of gang of luxury car thieves

A 66-year-old Dutch man who headed an international gang which smuggled stolen luxury cars mainly to Dubai has been arrested, German police have announced. The arrest concluded a joint investigation with Dutch police and Europol into a spate of car thefts around Osnabrück and in North Rhine-Westphalia, which was started in 2018. Part of the haul was stored in Groningen and shipped out to Dubai from the port of Rotterdam, complete with fake paperwork. Other cars were traded via car... More >

The Voice sex abuse scandal deepens

A YouTube documentary about sexual intimidation and abuse surrounding The Voice of Holland talent show has detailed a long list of claims about sexual abuse, inappropriate comments and behaviour and even one instance of rape. The long-awaited programme, broadcast on Thursday afternoon, involved statements from dozens of anonymous women who were contestants on the show. One former contestant accused rapper and show coach Ali B of raping her eight years ago, when she appeared on the show as an 18-year-old.... More >

Kaag torch waver is jailed for six months

The man who stood shouting in front of finance minister Sigrid Kaag’s home with a blazing torch earlier this month has been jailed for six months by a magistrate in The Hague. Max van den B, a known conspiracy theorist, was also banned from contacting any members of the cabinet and public health institute chief Jaap van Dissel. Eline van ‘t N, who filmed Van den B ringing the bell and shouting slogans, was jailed for four months and also... More >

Belgian boy death: more details emerge

More details have been emerging in the Belgian media about the mystery surrounding the death of a four-year-old boy whose body was found in Zeeland on Monday evening. It now transpires that the Dutch girlfriend of Dave De K, the Belgian national who babysat for the boy and who was arrested near Utrecht, has also been picked up. De K is suspected of kidnapping the child and having a role in his death. The girlfriend, known by the initial R,... More >

Majorca attack witness comes forward

The potential eyewitness police were seeking in their investigation into the death of Carlo Heuvelman on the island of Majorca last summer has come forward after a photo of him was broadcast, unblurred, on a television crime show. The police are now talking to him and have thanked everyone who helped spread the photo, which failed to lead to any tips when the blurred version was broadcast two months ago. Heuvelman died in hospital after being attacked and repeatedly kicked... More >

Majorca attack witness urged to call in

The police have published an unblurred photograph of a man they think may have filmed the fatal attack on Carlo Heuvelman on Majorca last July, in a last ditch attempt to track him down. Heuvelman died in hospital after being attacked and repeatedly kicked in the head after a night out on the holiday island. The photo was shown on a television crime show on Tuesday night in full detail, two months after a blurred picture failed to generate any... More >

Police find body of Belgian boy in Zeeland

Police in Zeeland have found the body of four year-old Dean Verberckmoes who was reported missing from his home in Sint-Niklaas in Belgium on January 12. The child was last seen in the company of a 34-year-old man, Dave de Kock, who was arrested in Meerkerk in the province of Utrecht earlier on the same day. De Kock regularly acted as babysitter for the child’s mother. He was supposed to take the child to his grandparents last week but never... More >

Boy, 16, dies in shooting in Amsterdam

Police have arrested three teenagers after a 16-year-old boy died in a shooting in a house in Amsterdam. Emergency services were called to Sinderenstraat, in the Zuidoost district, where they found the teenager seriously wounded at 7.10pm on Sunday. Paramedics were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Two teenage boys were arrested in the house, while a third handed himself in on Monday. Het Parool named the vicim as Armando Petalo, known to his... More >

Seven neglected Highland cows rescued

Government animal welfare inspectors have rescued seven Highland cows from a location in Noord Holland province, but three others had to be put down because they were in such poor shape. Inspectors have not said where the cows were, or if they were being kept as a hobby, but said the animals had been very badly neglected. Six dead cows were also at the location, and the live animals were living among them, knee deep in mud and manure, the... More >