Friday 24 January 2020

Cold case police find no traces of missing student in grave despite tip-off

Cold case police find no traces of missing student in grave despite tip-off

Maastricht police hunting for the remains of an 18-year-old health sciences student who disappeared in 1993 have failed to find any traces of her body in a grave which they reopened on Wednesday. The grave had been newly dug at the time of Tanja Groen’s disappearance and ‘there was a burial in it on September 1,’ the public prosecution department said ahead of the search. Early on Wednesday evening, police reported that they had found nothing untoward in the grave.... More >

Online dating fraud cost €3.7m in 2019

The cost of online dating fraud has more than doubled in the last two years, with the average victim losing more than €14,400 in 2019. Fraudehelpdesk received 639 complaints of dating fraud, of which 259 were from actual victims who had handed over a total of €3.74 million. In 2017 the helpline handled 412 complaints, while the amount lost was €1.65 million. Fraud investigators say the actual figure is likely to be far higher because many victims are too ashamed... More >

Dutch teenager arrested in Austrian resort

A Dutch teenager has been arrested in Austria after a fight broke out at a bar in a ski resort. The 18-year-old woman is reported to have kicked an Austrian tourist as he lay on the ground during the scuffle in Zell am See early on Sunday morning. She is also alleged to have cut him on the hand with a broken glass. Two men aged 19 and 21 were treated in hospital for cuts, bruises and a fractured jaw.... More >

52 'cold cases' in new police calendar

A new Dutch police calendar listing 52 unsolved crimes will now be distributed in psychiatric prison institutes, according to the NOS broadcaster. The calendar of ‘cold cases’ – created for the fourth year – is being sent to the tbs clinics for the first time in an attempt to solve cases from a dead baby found in the rubbish in Utrecht in 2006 to the death of HIV-positive sex worker Judit Nyari, whose body was found in woods in Dronten... More >

Fraud, internet boost 2019 crime figures

The number of crimes reported to the police rose 4% last year, the first recorded rise in nine years, but ‘traditional’ crimes are still going down, according to new figures. There were fewer reports of burglary and pick-pocketing, but there was a sharp rise in the number of reports of fraud – particularly internet and bank related fraud, the new police figures show. The reason for the overall rise, police say, could either be ‘an increase in the crime rate,... More >