Friday 10 July 2020

Last court hearing in Geert Wilders appeal

Court hearings have ended in the appeal against politician Geert Wilders’ criminal sentence for inciting racial discrimination. In 2016, the PVV leader was found guilty of insulting a group of people and inciting discrimination, after leading calls for ‘fewer, fewer, fewer’ Moroccans in the Netherlands at a political rally in 2014. The case went to appeal, after he was given a criminal sentence but no punishment, with the public prosecution service demanding a fine of €5,000. Wilders had also appealed... More >

Attempted murder charge for ramming school

A 55-year old man who drove into a primary school in Grootebroek during an end-of-year party has been charged with attempted murder. The public prosecutor has told local broadcaster NH Nieuws that the incident on Thursday was being treated as a premeditated act. The man is also charged with vandalism, criminal damage and making threats. Photographs show that the car, a Renault Clio, drove several metres into the school corridor before stopping. No one was hurt in the event at... More >

Blood-taking con artists faces five years

The Dutch prosecution office is demanding a five-year sentence for a 21-year-old woman from Ede who repeatedly robbed elderly people by pretending to be a care worker, local broadcaster RVTU reports. The prosecutor said an elevated sentence was in order because of the gravity of the offences, which took place between September 2019 and January 2020 in Utrecht, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and Eindhoven. Laura D preyed on vulnerable elderly after having observed them for some time and then doorstepped... More >

Man arrested for driving into school

Police have arrested the driver of the car who, they say, deliberately drove into a primary school in the Noord-Holland town of Grootebroek on Wednesday evening. No-one was hurt when the car hit the ‘t Palet primary school, where Group 8 children and parents were celebrating the end of the school year in the gym. Police said on Thursday morning that the 55-year-old man, a parent of children at the school, was involved in a conflict and was ‘unable to... More >

Nine arrested in Vlissingen drugs probe

Nine people have been arrested in raids across 30 different locations in Zeeland as part of a major investigation into drug smuggling, police said on Wednesday. Most of the raids, involving some 400 police officers, took place in and around Vlissingen port. Recently several major drugs seizures have been made at the port, often hidden in shipments of bananas or other fruit. The aim of Wednesday’s raids is primarily to gather information into the different parts of the smuggling operation,... More >

Dutch dealers send more drugs by post

Dutch dealers are sending thousands of parcels of cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy to customers abroad, the NRC reported on Tuesday. In particular, police and customs officials in Germany, France, Britain, Australia and various Asian countries have had enough of the Dutch drugs parcels and the issue risks damaging the country’s reputation, the paper said. According to some estimates, dealers are sending around 9,000 packages abroad and 400 deliveries were intercepted in Australia in one month. Dutch police have received 120... More >