Friday 27 January 2023

Police recover car in search for man who shot dead woman in car park

Police recover car in search for man who shot dead woman in car park

Police searching for a gunman who shot dead a woman in a shopping centre car park have found a car they believe he used on the day of the killing. The grey Skoda was recovered in Kuinder, a street in the Prins Alexander district in Rotterdam, on Tuesday after neighbours tipped off police. The suspect, 49-year-old Minh Nghia Vuong, has lived in the district for several years. Police believe Vuong switched vehicles shortly after fleeing the car park in Zwijndrecht... More >

Zwijndrecht car park shooter on the run

Police are still hunting the man who shot dead a woman in a car park at a shopping centre in Zwijndrecht on Saturday, and seriously injured her daughter. Ninh Nghia Vuong, who fled to the Netherlands in the 1970s from Vietnam, is highly dangerous and should not be approached, police said. He had eluded police efforts to capture him for years, earning the nickname Lucky in the process, but was jailed in 2017 for his role in an armed robbery... More >

2022 peak year for drunk or drug driving

Fines for people who drive a car while under the influence of drink and drugs shot up by 37.4 % in 2022, compared to the year before, police figures have shown. Limburg, Gelderland and Zuid-Holland saw a record 46% rise in fines, including ones for refusing to submit to testing at all. In total 43,000 people were fined for drink or drugs offences while in charge of a vehicle – the figures do not distinguish between the two. The surge... More >