Monday 22 July 2019

The Netherlands scores a B in making most of the euro


The Netherlands is in the ‘middle of the class’ when it comes to making the most of the euro, which was introduced 20 years ago, according to a report by international news agency Bloomberg.

Of the 16 countries tested,  six ended up with As, five got Bs – including the Netherlands – and another handful scored Cs.

The 10 economic tests looked at the extent to which eurozone member states were able to benefit from greater stability and economic integration, as well as their capacity to remain competitive and stabilise their economies, Bloomberg said.

The tests do not show if a country would have been better off outside the eurozone.

Germany topped the list with late joiners Slovakia and Slovenia coming in second and third. The Netherlands scored a B, alongside Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Luxembourg.

‘The project to ditch the guilder is not perceived as an all-out success by some,’ Amsterdam bureau chief Joost Akkermans said.

‘Political opponents point to the bailout of Greece as a prime example that costs for the Netherlands outweigh the benefits of the euro, even as business groups say being part of the shared currency has brought economic growth and prosperity.’

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