Power cut hits central Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum evacuated

Large parts of Amsterdam Zuid, including the Rijksmuseum, were hit by a power cut on Friday. The power cut, though to have been caused during digging work, also caused major problems for city centre trams and in shops.

In total, around 30,000 connections in postcode areas 1070 to 1075 have been affected.

Two men who were hanging an outdoor heating system at a café on the Weteringschans were injured when a metre-high flame shot out of the ground due to a short circuit, local broadcaster AT5 said. The explosion caused a small crater in the pavement.

Some 17 children at a daycare centre in the Quellijnstraat were also evacuated after the fuse cupboard began smoking, the Parool reported.

Grid company Liander first said it hoped the problem would be solved by around 13.30 but later extended the time frame into the mid afternoon.

The Rijksmuseum evacuated visitors – some 1,500 were in the building –  and closed its doors for the rest of the day because of the power outage. The Allard Pierson Museum also closed.