Companies, consumers and social projects raise €233m through crowdfunding in 2016


Completed crowdfunding schemes raised a total of €223m in the Netherlands last year, nearly one-third more than in 2016, according to  the website.

The money was used to finance 5,300 different projects and companies, the website said.

Most of the money raised last year (nearly €193m) went to fund small companies and the average project was awarded €102,000.

The remaining €30 mln was spent on creative projects such as film, music and theatre (a total of €14.4m), social projects (€13.1m) such as playgrounds or school development and consumer loans (€2.8m). Creative projects raised an average €15,000 each, social projects €6,000 and consumers €7,500.

By far the most crowdfunding was in the form of loans – 73% – and only 5% of the companies involved opted to give investors shares.