Former justice minister Fred Teeven is driving buses in Haarlem

Fred Teeven in his ministerial days. Photo:

Former junior justice minister Fred Teeven is working part-time as a bus driver, the Telegraaf said on Friday.

Teeven, who resigned over a deal made with a drugs baron, left active politics at the March general election.

‘I am doing the driver’s job part time and have just completed my introduction course,’ Teeven,who already had a heavy goods driving licence, told the paper. ‘I had been thinking about becoming a long distance lorry driver but when I got the chance to do this 1.5 days a week, I jumped at it.’

Once Teeven has completed his training he will drive buses in the Haarlem region, a spokesman for regional bus firm Connexxion told website

The rest of the time, Teeven has started a consultancy in the field of security and cyber crime, the paper said.