Fast-growing tech sector generates 11% of jobs in Amsterdam was founded in Amsterdam in 1996

The technology sector in Amsterdam is responsible for roughly 60,000 jobs, or 11% of the total, according to a survey by corporate analysis bureau Dealroom, and commissioned by the city’s Startup Amsterdam organisation.

Of the 1,000 plus companies represented in the report, 33 are identified as grownups (500+ employees), 263 as scale-ups (51-500 employees) and a ‘whopping’ 756 companies were identified as startups (2-50 employees), Startup Amsterdam said.

The report said the sector was growing very quickly and that 10,000 jobs had been added to the total the past two years. Only the catering sector (hotels, restaurants, cafés) grew at a more rapid pace.

Homegrown tech giants, TomTom and Adyen employ almost 10% of the city’s tech workers (about 6,000 people) while the 30 largest homegrown companies represent a total of 16,000 jobs.

A further 859 local companies employed just over half of the total. The remainder were employed by 184 branches of foreign firms located in Amsterdam like Uber, Netflix and Microsoft.