Drug runners’ boat donated to Rotterdam maritime college

A screen shot of the boat via NOS

A boat which had probably been used to smuggle drugs has been donated by police to a Rotterdam college focusing on the maritime and transport industry, broadcaster NOS said at the weekend.

The ship was confiscated last year during an investigation into money laundering in the port city.

Until now, property confiscated from criminals has been sold and the proceeds donated to the treasury, NOS said. ‘But we wanted to prevent this ship falling back into criminal hands so we decided to donate it to a good cause instead,’ a police spokesman said.

The boat will be used to teach pupils at the school about inland shipping and may also be used by researchers looking into the impact of climate change in Spitsbergen, an island off northern Norway, the spokesman said.

NOS said that other items confiscated during criminal investigations will also now be given to non-profit organisations so they can directly benefit society.