New cabinet plans will boost energy bills set to rise up to €200

Income from gas was down considerably. Photo:

The new government’s plan to increase taxes on energy use will help boost bills by up to €200 a year, according to calculations by home owners lobby group Vereniging Eigen Huis.

During the budget presentation last month it emerged that bills will rise around €70 a year between 2017 and 2019 and now the new cabinet wants to add up to €130 to that, the lobby group said on Thursday.

While the new government wants to make the tax system more sustainable, it is in fact simply boosting energy bills, the organisation said, adding that no new incentives to stimulate people to make their homes more energy efficient have been announced.

Consumer service comparison website Pricewise said it expects households will have to pay an extra €150 on their energy bills from 2019, when the new coalition’s plans are expected to come into effect.

In addition to the rise in environmental and energy taxes,  the new cabinet’s plans to reduce the ‘tax discount’ which every household is entitled will have a €60 impact on bills, director Hans de Kok said.

Low income households will be particularly hard hit because ‘they have the fewest options to reduce their energy bills, gas in particular’.

‘They will depend on how cold the winter is and how well their homes are insulated,’ De Kok said.