Budget includes €900,000 spending boost for the royal family

Full steam ahead for the Dutch royal family: Photo: RVD / fotograaf: ANP

The caretaker government’s 2018 budget includes a €900,000 boost for the royal family, RTL news said on Tuesday evening.

That increases the total budget for the royals, excluding security costs, to €42.3m, RTL said.

The official pay for the king, queen and princess Beatrix will go up in line with other civil servants next year to €902,0000, €358,000 and €510,000 respectively. Other civil servants who work for the royal family will also see their pay go up in line with inflation.

The rest of the extra expenditure will go on cars, horses, other vehicles and the use of the royal palaces, including lighting and heating, RTL said. The cost of telecommunications, advice and accountants has also increased.