Almost 100 tiger mosquitoes caught in Gelderland village; no reason for panic

A female Asian tiger mosquito.

Inspectors from the Dutch product safety board have found 98 tiger mosquitoes, including larvae and pupae in and around the Gelderland village of Aalten, local broadcaster Omroep Gelderland said on Tuesday.

Locals were warned two weeks ago to keep an eye out for the Asian insects, which have distinctive black and white stripes.

The NWVA drew up a plan to eradicate the Aalten mosquitoes, which carry diseases such as yellow fever and dengue fever in their native habitat. They were first sighted in the Netherlands in 2005.

The NVWA said there was a negligible chance of humans being infected, but is taking action to prevent the insects colonising the Netherlands. Since the turn of the century the species has succeeded in establishing itself in several southern European countries including France and Italy.

The large number of mosquitoes found near Aalten are ‘no reason for panic’ the NVWA said. The mosquito is thought to have arrived in the Netherlands in imported car tires and bamboo plants.