‘We still haven’t found what we’re looking for’: U2-inspired talks restart

Back at the beginning of formation talks Photo: Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal

After a two day break, talks to form the next Dutch cabinet began again on Friday.

Broadcaster NOS reports that U2 may be playing a role in inspiring resolution between the VVD Liberal party, D66 liberal democrats, CDU Christian democratic party and ChristenUnie.

Gert-Jan Segers, leader of the small ChristenUnie, and second-in-command Carola Schouten, apparently used the break to go to a U2 concert in Berlin.

When asked if any of the Irish band’s songs had provided inspiration, Segers quipped: ‘We still haven’t found what we’re looking for.’

D66 leader Alexander Pechtold – whose liberal policies in areas such as medical ethics are most at odds with the ChristenUnie’s stance – told the broadcaster that he’d happily sing along….although he had a bit of a cough.

Fortunately, neither of them mentioned the U2 hit ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday.’