Dutch tv shows win two awards at Canadian media festival

Photo: Depositphotos.com

Dutch television programmes have won two awards at the prestigious Banff World Media Festival in Canada.

Floortje Dessing won the Rockie award in the category ‘Social and investigative’ for her two part documentary entitled ‘Floortje back to Syria.’ In the programme, Dessing retraced the steps of her visit to Syria nine years ago to find out how life is there now.

‘Over the moon,’ Dessing said in a reaction. ‘Made with blood, sweat and tears. So special to be able to show this story internationally.’

The second award – for non-English drama – went to broadcaster Omroep Max for its three-part series De Zaak Menten which showed how journalist Hans Knoop tracked down war criminal Pieter Menten.

Watch Floortje back to Syria with English subtitles