Green energy coop Qurrent scores own goal with Feyenoord deal

Source: Qurrent

Dozens of members of the Qurrent energy cooperative, which prides itself on its green credentials, are up in arms about a new shirt sponsorship deal with Feyenoord, the Volkskrant said on Tuesday.

Over 200 people have placed critical comments on the cooperative’s community page, complaining about the agreement and dozens say they will cancel their contracts.

‘I consider I am being abused for aims I do not support and I want to end my contract as soon as possible,’ one member said.

The terms of the deal, which will run for four years, have not been made public, but broadcaster NOS put the annual cost at €4.5m. This is enough to build 100 energy neutral houses a year, one Qurrent member pointed out on the website.

Director Richard Klatten says the deal with Feyenoord is important to the company’s growth strategy. ‘The entire country needs to switch to green energy and that is why our name needs to be better known,’ he said. ‘Many of those we currently work with see the Feyenoord agreement as an investment in sustainability.’


Qurrent, which is currently loss making, hopes to book its first profit in 2019. It is owned by the Doen foundation, which is funded by the national postcode lottery and two other lotteries.

The postcode lottery was founded by millionaire Boudewijn Poelmann who is a major Feyenoord fan. ‘He played cupid between Feyenoord and Qurrent,’ Klatten told the Volkskrant.

The deal will also allow Qurrent ‘specific’ access to Feyenoord’s fan database. ‘Who is to say there is no-one in it who is interested in green energy,’ Klatten said. ‘We can come up with all sorts of initiatives. Maybe we’ll generate power with a Feyenoord wind turbine.’