Housing corporation can’t evict man growing ‘medical’ marijuana

A potted cannabis seedling. Photo: Charlotte Lake via Depositphotos.com

A 58-year-old Amsterdam man has been told he can remain in his home even though he continues to grow medical marijuana for his own use, judges said earlier this week.

Ronald Hillebrand, who has hiv, was faced with eviction by housing corporation Eigen Haard for growing marijuana which he says is crucial to help him deal with his illness.

Hillebrand says he uses some 5 grammes of marijuana a day to combat nausea. Medical marijuana sold in pharmacies, he says, does not control his symptoms and buying the weed in a cannabis cafe is too expensive.

Last year Eigen Haard began the process of having him evicted even though a court last year ruled he could continue to grow the plants. According to the AD, he has 51 on the go at any one time – 17 in bloom, 17 plants without flowers and 17 seedlings.

Amsterdam district court ruled earlier this week that Hillebrand can remain in his home and that the housing corporation must also pay the €450 court costs.

No alternative

Hillebrand has ‘done all he can to avoid cultivation at home,’ the court said. However, at present there is no alternative way he can make sure he has enough cannabis which works at his disposal. In addition, there is no nuisance to neighbours and no problems with the electricity supply, the court said.

Eigen Haard is studying the verdict in detail, the AD said.