Dutch comic tackles Dutch Turkish allegiances with football spoof

Arjen Lubach explains why football holds the key. Photo: Screen dump

Dutch comedian Arjen Lubach has again scored when it comes to highlighting tricky issues in the Netherlands – this time by tackling the pro-Erodgan sentiment of many Dutch Turks.

In an item about the ‘long arm of Ankara’ on the Zondag met Lubach the presenter says football is the key to why Dutch Turks should not be backing Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erodgan.

Lubach’s new commentary for match, which Turkey won 3-0, is littered with pro-democracy statements. Narsingh, for example, ‘can say what he likes because that is freedom of speech’, while the first Turkish goal is a drama for the Netherlands as ‘a country with an independent judiciary’.

Lubach’s previous big internet success, The Netherlands Second, has been seen millions of times all over the world.

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