Zaandam troublemaker apologises for his ‘stupid behaviour’

Photo: Ismail Ilgun via Twitter

Photo: Ismail Ilgun via Twitter

The vlogger at the centre of the row about young men causing trouble outside a shopping centre in Zaandam has apologized for what he called his ‘stupid behaviour’.

Ismail Illgun, 19, made the apology after spending a few days in a police cell for incitement. He and a group of other men hit the headlines several weeks ago for harassing locals and putting the videos online.

At one point prime minister Mark Rutte described them as ‘scum’ and a local councilor made a formal police complaint after being threatened.

‘I’ve put things online which I should not have done. Things should never have gone this far,’ Ilgun said on his Facebook page. ‘This is not what the lads and I wanted. We are young and inexperienced and don’t know anything about television and the media.’

‘We made mistakes we could have avoided… I have certainly learned from them,’ Ilgun said, adding that he had no intention of stopping making vlogs.