Dutch MP refuses to shake hands with Israeli prime minister

A Dutch MP on Wednesday refused to shake hands with Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is on a two-day visit to the Netherlands.

Tunahan Kuzu, a former Labour MP who has since founded splinter party Denk, made the gesture before a closed meeting between Netanyahu and the parliamentary foreign affairs committee.

He was also wearing a badge based on the Palestinian flag, Dutch media reported. Kuzu said later that he considered it a scandal that the red carpet had been rolled out for Netanyahu.

According to broadcaster NOS, Kuzu was a replacement at the meeting for Rik Grashoff, an MP from left-wing green party GroenLinks who decided not to attend on principle. GroenLinks too opposes the role of Israel in the Middle East.

After the meeting, Labour MP Michiel Servaes told the reporters that Netanyahu’s performance had been ‘disappointing’ and that he had blamed everyone but Israel for the problems in the region, news agency ANP said.

Netanyahu earlier held talks with prime minister Mark Rutte and met king Willem-Alexander.