‘Dogs against mess’ selfie campaign takes off

dog mess, dog poo, dog faeces

Selfies of ‘dogs against mess’ are piling in to the town of Veenendaal in Utrecht.

In May, the municipal council produced a YouTube video on new rules to ensure Veenendaal’s 63,000 people and 4,200 dogs step alongside one another in perfect harmony – and not in 10,000 bits of dog mess a day.

It also invited dog owners to send in selfies of their own clean-living dogs, and NOS reports that even the camera shy are having a go.

Two years ago, doggie doo protesters planted flags in all of the offerings on the ground – but unfortunately, nobody cleaned them up either.

‘I also have to cross a threshold to clean it up [because] I don’t really want to,’ one dog owner told NOS. ‘But I don’t want anyone else to be bothered by my dog.’

The selfies will be used for a promotional campaign.