Same number of smokers smoke fewer cigarettes

One in four Dutch people aged 15 and over smokes, with 19% smoking every day, according to new figures from addiction institute Trimbos. This is unchanged from 2012.

One in three of the 25-34 age group smokes. After that, the proportion drops again and just 10% of the over 70s still smokes.

However, consumption has fallen, with the average dropping from almost 14 cigarettes a day to just over 13, Trimbos said.

E-cigarettes have risen in popularity and now account for 3% of cigarette consumption, compared with 1% a year ago.

The cabinet is planning to restrict sales of electronic cigarettes to people aged 18 and over. It also put up the age at which teenagers can buy tobacco products from 16 to 18 at the beginning of this year.