Be wary of further civil service cuts, minister tells manifesto writers

Social affairs minister Henk Kamp says it would be irresponsible for politicians to make any further cuts in the size of the national government civil service, the Financieele Dagblad reports on Tuesday.

Kamp told a conference on Monday evening it would be wrong to plan in any more cuts in the government apparatus, on top of the package already agreed to take place by 2015.
‘Politicians across the political spectrum are looking for more,’ he is quoted as saying. ‘My advice would be to wait for this process to be completed and then show appropriate caution.’
The paper’s says the VVD minister’s position is notable because his party traditionally wants as small a government apparatus as possible. Kamp refused to say if this position will be included in the Liberal party’s manifesto for the September general election but said it did not contradict the party’s views.
The outgoing government, which includes the VVD, had agreed to strip €6.5bn from central government by 2015. This will include the loss of thousands of jobs.