DigiD computer identity code is ‘full of holes’, say experts

The DigiD code, which the general public can use to pay tax and carry out other sensitive transactions online, is full of holes, according to a number of experts in Wednesday’s AD.

The paper says a number of cases of DigiD fraud involving millions of euros have come to light in recent months. And experts have told the paper the system is far too easy to hack into.
The personal DigiD is a sort of internet identity which people need to claim a range of benefits online. But the official DigiD is sent by ordinary post – meaning it can easily be stolen.
Experts say at the very least the code should be sent by registered post. Others say the simple name and code system is far too easy for professional hackers to steal.
‘People are lazy and often use the same password. And the text messages with DigiD information are also insecure because new technology has made it easy to read them,’ Ralph Moonen of security company ITSX told the AD.