Sunday 19 January 2020


The Christian Democrat’s health minister Ab Klink must so far be in the lead when it comes to ministers and new policy initiatives. More >


After being soundly berated for being a bad European, the Netherlands seems to have been determined to use the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome to get its new message across. More >

Media drips

The takeover of ABN Amro by Barclays continues to generate considerable coverage both here and across the English Channel. It cannot have been pure coincidence that the BBC decided Wednesday night was a good moment to broadcast the results of a nine-month undercover operation into life in a Barclay’s call centre. More >


D66 leader Alexander Pechtold certainly seems to have aroused a cross-section of parliamentary hackles for daring to ask if Geert Wilder’s wife still has Hungarian nationality. Wilders and his anti-immigration cohorts in the PVV want to bring an end to dual nationality because, they say, it gives you divided loyalties. More >


The merger talks between ABN Amro and the UK’s Barclays Bank have focused attention on the compatibility of the Dutch and British cultures. In surveys, the Dutch claim to be closest to the British. More >


When media tycoon John de Mol launched plans for his own TV channel – first called Tien, then Talpa, then Tien again – he spoke of the need for a quality family broadcaster. More >


The public disturbances this week in Utrecht are receiving considerable coverage in the foreign media. Not through the traditional news agencies but through the internet via far-right websites and blogs. More >

Bus stop

The three top dogs at state-owned regional bus company Connexxion have voluntarily given up some of their performance-related bonuses because of an ‘arithmetical error’ last year. So what went wrong? More >

Who's who?

Did you know that Christian Democrat MP Jack Biskop is crazy about fountain pens? Or that Labour MP Agnes Wolbert enjoys cultivating bonsai trees? Useless information? Not according to Sander Ruijter and Thierry Baudet who are interviewed in today’s Volkskrant about their new website which provides all sorts of personal and professional info on the country’s 150 MPs. More >


The coalition government of progressive social democrats and reactionary confessionals (Christian Democrats, Labour and ChristenUnie) is only a few weeks old, but already cracks are starting to appear in this unholy alliance… More >


The silence emerging from the Labour camp in the row over the Moroccan human rights work of their MP Khadija Arib is deafening. Were there any Labour MPs in parliament at all during last night’s shameful attack on Arib? More >


The flurry of female-related stories and statistics around at the moment is, of course, due to March 8 being International Women’s Day. Firstly you have the statistics: do the Dutch believe that men and women are equal? TNS Nipo has the answer: some 87% of men and 82% of women think there is legal equality. But equality in practice? More >


Less than half the population is expected to vote in the provincial elections today. This is regrettable but it is also understandable, given the arcane structure of this plebiscite. More >