Thursday 27 February 2020

DutchNews podcast – The Royal Flying Flamingos Edition – Week 37

Photo: Minister-president Rutte via Flickr

It’s been a week of courtroom drama in the Netherlands as Geert Wilders calls for his race-baiting trial to be thrown out for political interference, a doctor is cleared of murder in a landmark euthanasia case, a woman seeks redress for having her baby taken away from the state in the 1960s and a key MH17 witness becomes a pawn in a prisoner exchange. We also look back at Oranje’s historic 4-2 win over Germany and try to explain why the government paid millions of euros for the royal family’s tables, cabinets and ping-pong bats.

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Top story

Doctor who arranged euthanasia for patient with severe dementia cleared of murder


Groningen gas extraction will end in 2022 if winter temperatures are normal

Civil servants pressed for Wilders to be prosecuted in discrimination case

Dutch investigators question MH17 witness ahead of prisoner transfer

Woman forced to give up her baby sues the Dutch state


Two wins in four days boost Oranje’s hopes of qualifying for Euro 2020

Another early crash restricts Verstappen to eighth place in Monza

Discussion: All The King’s Furniture Belongs To Us

Government spending on royal furniture adds up to €40m over 10 years

The secret deal around the royal family’s palace furniture (NRC, Dutch)

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